What to expect from professional painters

Painting the interior or exterior of your home or business may seem like a do-it-yourself project or maybe something for which you hire a college kid. But if you’ve never hired a professional painting company (or hired the wrong one), you may not know what to expect from professional painters. And that it can make all the difference. 

Here’s what to look for and what you should expect from professional painters

  • Professionalism. The customer is at the center and the experience should not feel like a chore. In fact, your painting professional should make the difficult elements of painting easier, such as choosing a color or deciding between paint and stain. He/she has access to industry tools, experience, expertise, and is attuned to unique situations, like making sure a new paint job is HOA-compliant
  • Consultative Approach. There should be a recognition amongst the painting team that it’s your home and that you are the expert in your home and what fits your life. A professional painter spends time asking questions, getting to know you and the details of your project.
  • Upfront Pricing. You should know what you are getting for what price. With a streamlined and structured estimating approach, the variables of your project should be considered and approved by you before any work starts. 
  • Excellent Communication. You are in on the conversation. Appointments are confirmed, choices on color are made together, and expectations are set in advance.
  • Flexible and Reliable.  Your painter should understand your needs. They should offer project scheduling that fits your schedule. And when they say they’ll be there, they should be there.
  • Excellent Reviews. Check out potential painting companies’ reviews online. (ONiT has been reviewed by hundreds of satisfied customers.)
  • Quality Products. Look for a painter who uses the best quality such as Sherwin-Williams quality paints

The value of working with a professional painter

A professional painter does more than show up with a bucket of paint and a brush. The careful evaluation of a job’s scope is supported by knowledge and resources that get the job done right. That’s one of the reasons ONiT has a menu of services that support a professional paint job including drywall repair, power washing and carpentry, to mention a few. It’s also why we have developed a roster of trusted partner organizations in Indianapolis, all built around helping the homeowner and commercial clientele we serve. 

Is it worth getting a professional painter? We think so. And, as we’ve outlined, the rewards are more than the fresh, beautiful finished product. Working with our professionals, you get the peace of mind that comes from a commitment to a proven process. You get your time back, whether that was time you were going to spend doing research, time spent doing it yourself, or time spent watching over a less experienced painter. It’s a big home improvement, and the value of going with a professional affects not only the bottom-line with return on your investment, but also in not having to worry about whether the small details will be attended to. With ONiT, the beauty is in the detail!