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We have developed a streamlined and structured estimating process that not only allows for a quick but accurate estimate. By having a structured approach we can provide consistent and competitive pricing.


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All paint may look the same in the can, but that is where the similarities end. High quality paints utilize better ingredients and less fillers which equates to a longer-lasting and beautiful paint job. ONiT partners with manufactures like Sherwin-Williams to make certain we are providing our customers the highest quality products available.

Church Painting in Indianapolis, IN

The commercial painters on the ONiT Painting team offer interior painting and exterior painting services for churches and places of worship in and around Indianapolis, IN. Owing to the unique architecture, in most cases, places of worship prove to be a challenging project for inexperienced commercial painters to paint. The number one interior challenge is the height of walls and ceilings, and the ability to access either safely. All exterior architecture presents similar height issues for commercial painters with tall steeples, one of a kind windows and assorted decorative elements.

Our painters who work inside Indianapolis churches are quite mindful of the safety precautions that need to be taken while work is being conducted at great heights. All scheduling of the work and arrangement of scaffolding is done with keeping convenience of the church in mind.

Working Around The Pews

The pews take over most of the floor space in Indianapolis, IN churches, making the use of available space on the floor a challenge. Painters on our team understand that the best option is to remove the pews, especially for Indianapolis-area church painting projects requiring scaffolding. For smaller projects, it is possible for our commercial painters to use a combination of ladders and extension poles. If it proves impossible to remove the pews, each will be carefully covered with plastic to aid in protecting it from potential debris and any paint.

Pew removal will require additional planning and manpower.

The Heights

Large churches often have walls that are quite high, perhaps domed ceilings. When the time arrives to paint and repair either, you will need a commercial painter from ONiT Painting who is qualified to work with scaffolding or an aerial lift.

Windows And Trim In Indianapolis, IN Churches

There are area churches with ornate stained glass and trim. If the stained glass windows and surrounding trim have been painted in the past, now is the time to brighten them up with fresh paint. If the windows have not been painted in the recent past, you will want to consult with an ONiT Painting commercial painter to determine if oil-based paint had been used in the past, this can make the painting process more complicated.

Indianapolis, IN Church Exterior Painting

The architecture of the Indianapolis church will largely determine the difficulty associated with the commercial painting project. The ONiT Painting painters are one of the only painting contractors in the region who have the experience that is require to make a high steeple church look good. Aside from height, the exterior of a place of worship is not all that different from the exterior on any other building in Indianapolis, IN.

Are you considering painting your place of worship? Consider the commercial painting professionals from ONiT Painting. Our local commercial painters have the training and experience required to deliver a successful project!

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