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Compared to full replacement or resurfacing, painting cabinets that show some wear or need an updated look gives your kitchen a like-new feel at a fraction of the price. If a full remodel doesn’t fit into your schedule or budget, having your cabinets painted is a quicker and cost-effective alternative to achieve a dramatic kitchen […]

Does your business need a refresh? Giving your building a new coat of paint can improve customers’ first impression or mark a significant rebrand for your business. A quality paint job also serves as a new set of armor, protecting your building against the elements, mold, rot, and more. This post will break down the […]

A fresh coat of exterior house paint is among the most impactful and effective ways to increase your home’s curb appeal. Whether for your enjoyment or if you’re investing in improvements to attract potential buyers, a new coat of exterior paint can make a dramatic difference in your home’s appearance. But how long does exterior […]

For many of us, the bathroom or powder room is where we begin our days. Spending your mornings in a peaceful and calming space gets every day started on the right foot. Relaxing paint colors that complement your personal style preferences and create a clean, calming atmosphere will enhance the results of any bathroom painting […]

A fresh coat of paint can transform and beautify your home, but achieving long-lasting and high-quality results requires a painting company who will ensure the job is done right. When you’re looking to hire a contractor to paint the interior or exterior of your home, one of the first steps is to obtain a painting […]

The temperatures are starting to drop, and the days are getting shorter. This can only mean one thing: Summer has turned into fall, and we’re in full-on holiday mode. It can be a busy time of year, but it also provides us with many wonderful opportunities to spend memorable moments with our friends and loved […]

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