Learn How this Interior Repaint took ONiT Painting by Surprise!

Before the Holidays, ONiT Painting finished a project on a beautiful modern home in Zionsville, IN. Geoff and his wife hadn’t had their home painted in quite some time, and simply wanted to repaint matching the existing color.

A lot of people don’t understand why you would paint your home if you aren’t changing the color. However, there are so many reasons why this can be a great idea!

The walls are scuffed/scratched

If there are a decent amount of scratches or scuffs on the walls, it can actually be smarter to repaint than to do touch ups. Touch ups often lead to noticeable spots that stand out, especially if the original finish is older. Repainting will ensure that you have a smooth and even finish all over your home.

Paint gets dingy over time

Paint often changes color slightly or loses it’s vibrancy over time. If you notice that your walls are appearing a little drab or the color isn’t the one you originally fell in love with, it might be time for a repaint.

The original paint was not applied well

If someone cuts corners, skimps on product, or has bad technique, your paint is not going to last as long as it normally would. You can see errors such as drips or flashing and the paint will stain, scratch and peel quicker. In this case, it is much easier to repaint your home than trying to fix these errors with touch ups.

These are just a few of the many reasons why someone might want to repaint their home in the same color. A color matching repaint seems like a pretty quick and simple project, and usually it is. However, there was an unexpected snag in the process at Geoff’s home.

When our crew began painting the trim and doors, they discovered that the finish coat was not adhering to the surface well. It was bubbling and streaking, which was not something they experience often. It turns out that Geoff’s doors and trim had originally been painted with an oil-based paint. This is relatively uncommon now-a-days, so it is not something out crew could’ve anticipated. Since we were attempting to put a latex finish coat (which is water based) on top of oil-based paint, smooth adhesion was almost impossible.

repaint obstacle

Example of the uneven finish before applying an oil-based primer

Luckily, our Project Manager, Melvin Portillo, was able to come in and quickly assess the the problem. He came to the conclusion that we would have to prime all of the trim and doors with ProBlock Interior oil-based primer in order to ensure proper adhesion and durability. Our crew was able to make the adjustment without adding too much time or cost onto the project.

Repaint zionsville

After being painted by ONiT Painting

repaint zionsville

After being painted by ONiT Painting

Zionsville interior painting

After being painted by ONiT Painting

In the end, Geoff’s home looked brand new. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with ONiT Painting:

“We had a great experience with ONiT Painting. I scouted for painters in our area on Google and contacted two with great ratings. ONiT responded the same day and had an estimator out to us a day later. Zach walked through our home (with appropriate masking and distance) assessed our situation well and gave us a very reasonable estimate. They were able to get started within a week. The project manager for our job came to our home daily and the team lead worked with three additional painters, 9 hours each day (even Saturday) and they wore masks and adjusted how they approached the project while my wife and I were working in the house. We had one unexpected thing related to our interior doors and trim that wouldn’t take latex paint and they quickly made the adjustment to use a primer and then paint and that required one additional day of work. The adjustment to the price was reasonable and the quality of the work was exceptional. We love the effect the interior painting has had on our home and recommend ONiT without reservation”

– Geoff


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