Painting these small areas can have a huge impact!

In our last project spotlight we touched on how much of an impact simply painting the walls can make in a home. When people think of interior paint, they often just think of walls. However, there are so many surfaces in a home that can be painted, and also have a big impact on the overall look. These are places such as doors, cabinets, trim, and baseboards. They are small areas, but together they can really change the style of a room. A recent customer of ONiT Painting was looking to do exactly that. She had many wood surfaces in her home that she thought could benefit from new paint!

Our sales representative, Zach Whittaker, was sent to Tracy’s home to conduct an estimate. He noticed that most of the areas that she wanted painted had been previously stained. Converting stain to paint is not an issue, but it is a little bit more of an in-depth process. He walked Tracy through this process, and provided her with an estimate that reflected everything they discussed at their free estimate appointment

After receiving her estimate, there were some revisions Tracy wanted to make. When seeing what the cost would be for each item, she chose to include a few more surfaces in her project. We ended up painting her stair railing, spindles, doors, door frames, and baseboards. When customers want to modify items in their estimate, they simply contact their sales representative, in this case Zach, and go over the changes with them. From there, the sales representative sends out a new copy of the estimate with the changes discussed.

Tracy ultimately chose ONiT Painting because of Zach’s in-depth explanation of the process, and high level of communication. She was also pleased that we take the time and extra effort needed to perform paint to stain conversion properly. This ensures that the final product will look it’s best, and last as long as possible.

Once we received the final green light from Tracy, our office team got the project on the schedule! From there, she sent us her color selections, and we were all set for the start of her project.

Our production manager is always present at the start of projects. This ensures that the crew and the customer are on the same page before we start painting. With this project in particular, our production manager made a point to go over every detail the first morning of the project. Since Tracy was having many smaller areas in her home painted instead of full rooms, we wanted to make sure that the crew was exceptionally clear on the process, as to avoid any errors.

After everything was checked, and the crew knew what to do, they got to work with prepping the surfaces. This started as all of our interior projects do. We protect the surfaces that aren’t being painted with tape and drop cloths. We also ensure that large furniture is out of the way and covered, as to avoid any damage. However, as mentioned previously, performing paint to stain conversion is a slightly different process than the usual. This includes scuff sanding and puttying before the primer coat can be applied.

With these surfaces, we chose to use Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel. This paint was the best choice for this project because it is specifically designed for wood surfaces like doors and trim. It also has incredible durability, and goes on in fewer coats. 

Overall, the project went extremely well. Tracy chose a white color for the doors and baseboards, and a dark color for the staircase railing. This really gave the home a more sophisticated and contemporary look. Everyone was very satisfied with the final result!

before painting


after painting




With the weather getting colder, there is no better time to get interior painting done! Schedule your free in-person or virtual estimate with ONiT Painting to see how you can transform your home.