ONiT Painting Gave this Home the Color Update it Needed!

This fall, ONiT Painting worked on an interior painting project for Laura of Zionsville. This is a very fitting project for this week, because she ended up changing  the color of her main level interior walls from beige and red to a light gray, and our most recent blog post is on picking the perfect gray for your home.


Laura had an estimate with Zach Whittaker, who was able to walk the space, take pictures and measurements, and clarify the scope of work with Laura. Some of the walls were a deep red color, which she knew she wanted to cover with a lighter color. This was helpful for Zach to know during the estimate because he was able to account for this color change in his original proposal. 


Additionally, the house had vaulted ceilings which needed a few touch ups. This is tricky because it is almost impossible to touch up one small area of a ceiling and have it match exactly. Due to this, Zach thought it best to paint the entire ceiling. This ensures that it was all uniform. Also, since the walls were getting a new coat of paint, the ceiling would match the look of the walls instead of possibly looking older or dingier.


Zach sent Laura her completed estimate in one day. It took her some time to weigh her options, as she had estimates from other companies as well. We always recommend that customers get multiple estimates because it gives them the opportunity to make the most informed decision possible. If you only get one estimate, you can never be sure if a company is overcharging or able to provide a high quality of work. In the end, Laura was satisfied with the price Zach gave her, and also impressed by ONiT Painting’s high level of communication and consultative approach.


Once Laura approved the estimate, she began picking her colors. Zach knew she was looking for a light neutral color for the walls, and provided her with our “Most Popular Neutrals of Sherwin-Williams” hand-out. This made narrowing down her options much easier. 


She ended up choosing SW7029 Agreeable Gray for the walls, and SW7006 Extra White for the Trim. She thought the contrast of the bright white trim with a warmer neutral color on the walls would give the house a more contemporary look, and she was exactly right. However, the original trim was painted in a much softer cream white color. Due to this, we had to add seven interior doors to the project so that it didn’t clash with the new white trim.


Zach sent her a revised estimate which included the interior doors, and with that we were ready to start her project!

As previously mentioned, the dining room walls were a very deep red which means they required slightly more extensive prep work than the rest of the house. If we are simply color matching or going from one light color to another, we are able to spot prime in only the areas needed. However, when covering up a vibrant dark color with a light neutral, it is necessary to prime the entire wall with a high quality primer.


For this specific project, ONiT Painting chose Sherwin-Williams Multi-Purpose Latex Primer. This is a very versatile primer that is effective on both the interior and exterior. It’s versatility and quality make it very popular among professional painters.


Once all the priming was completed, we continued with our tried and true interior painting process.


  • Move, cover, and protect furniture and flooring
  • Tape and mask as needed
  • Repair small cracks and dents in drywall
  • Scuff, sand, and prime glossy surfaces
  • Apply 1-2 finish coats based on the goals of the project
  • Clean up every day upon completion


In the end, the interior of her home was completely transformed. Her main level was very open concept, and with the old colors it used to feel slightly disjointed. Changing the walls to a warm gray made the living room, dining room, and kitchen feel like one cohesive space, and gave the whole area a more modern and stylish look.

Zionsville Color Before

Before ONiT Painting

Zionsville Painting color after

After ONiT Painting


With the weather getting colder, there is no better time to get interior painting done! Schedule your free in-person or virtual estimate with ONiT Painting to see how you can transform your home.