Interior Painting Project using PPG Hi-Hide Ceramic Matte Paint

In this project spotlight we are discussing our customer Brandon who had been in his home for years but had never painted the interior. Brandon and his wife were looking to update the wall colors, and refresh the trim and ceilings with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

After receiving an estimate to uncover the details of their project, the customer decided they were ready to schedule a date for their interior painting project!

The morning that our painters arrived, Brandon and his wife had their wall color already picked and ready for us. Our team was also able to match the current trim and wall color for the customer because they did not want to change those colors.

Our Painting Process

The painters filled all minor cracks and holes in the walls including nail pops and small imperfections. With the trim, the painters touched up numerous spots where the existing caulking had cracked. We also made sure to cover and protect
all of the flooring as well as centralize all furniture in the middle of the room and cover with plastic. There were many numerous high walls and ceilings, so our painters made sure to bring appropriately sized ladders.

The customers’ home had a lot of windows, allowing an excessive amount of natural light into the home. Due to this, we recommended using a low sheen finish on the walls. A low sheen helps reduce the amount of light reflection off the walls, thus concealing minor imperfections in the drywall finish. The customer wanted quality work done, but also did have a budget he wanted to stick to, so our estimator recommended using a quality mid-grade paint for the walls, PPG Hi-Hide Ceramic Matte. For the trim, we used PPG Advantage 900, Semi-Gloss a dedicated door and trim paint. Since the ceilings were already in good shape and because ceilings are not typically exposed to the same wear and tear as walls and trim, we decided to use a budget friendly line to save Brandon money by using  PPG Speedhide, Flat.

Our experienced painters applied two coats to the walls to make sure we achieved both uniform color and finish. Since the
customer was only wanting to refresh the current color on the ceilings and trim, a single coat is all that was needed for those.

The End Result and More Work to Come

Brandon and his wife were more than happy with how the project turned out. Upon the completion of his interior project he went on to ask us to give him a quote for painting the exterior of his home as well, which he then later approved. Brandon was kind enough to leave a review of his experience online:

“Painting our home for the first time seemed daunting, but using ONiT Painting really put us at ease. The whole process from beginning to end was hassle free and you can tell the team really knows what they are doing. We can’t wait to use them again to paint our exterior!”