Office Painting Ideas

Over the past year, many more of us have found ourselves working from home and separating work and home life is more important than ever. While building a home office can be expensive, something as simple as painting your work space can make a world of difference. Different colors have different effects on your psychology, meaning that the right color can put you in the right mindset to get the day’s work done. 

Maybe you already own or have already chosen furniture for the room, and you need a color to work with what you have. Or perhaps you are simply looking for a place to start. Either way, it’s time to look at some office painting ideas.



Dark Blue=Balance

A perfect combination of concentration and serenity, a dark shade of blue is a highly recommended color choice for work. Your office will be a comforting space that reduces stress and distractions floating in your head. Blue is said to increasea person’s capacity to think logically and creatively, making it a perfect color for a balanced mind.


Light yellow office

Pastel Yellow=Energy

Choose an energetic color such as yellow sparks creativity and inspires positive emotions of joy, companionship, and optimism. While more saturated shades can come across as glaring, a lighter shade is uplifting and makes the space feel larger without being too heavy-handed. Having a warm, sunny yellow in your office will help break through the monotony of the indoors and train your brain to be awake during work hours.





Gray office

This color serves as a category for several office painting ideas. In terms of decor, gray paint of any shade allows for a great variety of colors and textures. Lighter shades are said to feel peaceful and inspire balance. It’s a popular pick, and for good reason. Gray helps you focus without overwhelming you. Darker grays are also the perfect backdrop for your work environment: they don’t stand out and they keep your room feeling warm with their higher saturation


dark green office

Dark Green=Grounded

Green, like yellow, is believed to encourage creativity, and dark green does this and more. It encourages endurance for those who have long workdays. Bring a natural feeling into your home office to keep yourself from feeling as if you are trapped inside all day. Darker shades of green will also help you focus and stay on task. They have deeper earth tones that will make you feel more grounded, and they’re a good match for offices with wooden desks and natural light.

Soft white office



Soft White=Blended

A soft, warm white is a common favorite for offices, homes or otherwise. The space looks neat and distractions are kept at a minimum. If you’re struggling to accept your home as your workplace, this paint color might be your best bet. A soft white backdrop also allowsfor just about any color or type of desk and decor. You can keep it simple, only including essentials, or make the space personal.


light pink officeLight Pink=Compassion

While it is not often the first color that comes to mind for a home office, shades of pink have proven to aid in concentration. This color is especially fitting for those whose line of work includes compassion. Not only that, but it can be soothing for those who work under high amounts of pressure. More saturated shades create an energetic and warm atmosphere. A lighter shade of pink will not be difficult to pair with the rest of your office’s elements.





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