How to Prepare for Professional Painters

Hiring professional painters is the best way to ensure your interior renovations are flawless. But not all painters are made equal, and it’s essential to know what to look for when hiring professional painters for your next home renovation. This post will cover how to prepare for professional painters and ensure you get the best results.


Is It Worth Getting a Professional Painter?

While you can undoubtedly buy paint, tape your walls, and start painting yourself, there’s a significant difference between a professional’s handy work and a DIY job. Even the most thoughtful and attentive people lack a trained professional’s experience, tools, and skill set.

If you have a small project, like a single wall or small room, then you can probably get away with doing the job yourself. However, if you want to repaint a larger area, alter the exterior, or need repair work, consult with a professional painting company before you break out your brushes.

When it comes to hiring a painter vs. doing it yourself, there are several differences:

  • A painter’s skill can ensure the job is done correctly with no damage to your floors or ceiling.
  • Professionals have different tools and application techniques to conserve paint, reduce consumption, and save money.
  • Professionals have the expert knowledge to select the right paint type, layers, and application strategy for optimal results.
  • Professionals are solely dedicated to the job at hand and can complete the work in less time with fewer distractions or disruptions than a DIY painter.


What to Do Before Painters Arrive

Trying to get your house wholly prepared for professional painters can be exhausting. Are you supposed to cover the floors? Do professional painters use tape? (The good ones do!) And what about all your furniture?

Luckily, it’s easy to get your house prepped with these professional painter tips and tricks.

Follow this guide to get your home ready for your professional painters to arrive and ensure they can get to work straight away, and you get peace of mind that all your belongings will make it through the job splatter-free.


Move Furniture You Can, Cover the Rest

It’s easy enough to move an end table or potted plant, but it’s not as easy to relocate your sofa for a day or two. In that case, you’ll want to move everything to the center of the room. Nothing should be close to or touching the walls.

 If the painters need to move furniture to access a space, they should let you know ahead of time. This is why consultations are so important. They help you plan out what you’ll need to do to ensure the painters can perform their jobs perfectly.


Remove All Electronics

From computers and TVs to gaming consoles and digital clocks, move anything that requires an outlet to work out of the space. Paint can damage them even if you relocate them to the middle of the room. Although they can be covered, it’s best to avoid potential risks altogether and transfer them to a safe area until the paint has dried.


Take Down Any Wall Decorations

Photographs, artwork, posters, tapestries, you name it. If anything is hanging on a wall that you don’t want to be painted, you’ll need to take it down and store it safely in another room. You may also need to remove any decorations hanging from the ceiling. As for light fixtures, the painters may suggest you remove ornate ones to avoid any speckles or splatters when they paint the ceiling.


Keep Pets Away

Keep away cats, dogs, and other animals when the painters are around. You should also vacuum thoroughly to ensure no fur flies up and gets stuck in the walls. Smaller critters such as birds, lizards, and fish, should be moved to a room that isn’t being painted. Otherwise, they could be harmed by the fumes.

You should also ensure that pets can’t somehow maneuver their way into the rooms being painted during the day. One over-eager tail wag or curious paw could send an entire can onto your floor.


How Painters Cheat – Telltale Signs

One of the most important tips when researching how to prepare for professional painters is knowing the signs of bad behavior. Unfortunately, there are some non-reputable companies or contractors who won’t perform their duties as honestly as they should.

Make sure you steer clear of companies that don’t offer estimates, don’t put their final prices in writing, and aren’t responsive to your questions. They should also have appropriate insurance to protect you and themselves.

Some painters will mix cheap paint with quality brands but charge their clients for the most expensive paint. Ask to see paint cans before they begin, and discuss the brands they prefer before you agree to let them paint your house.

If they’re worth their price, they’ll have no problem discussing their favorite brands and why they prefer them in detail.

You should also make sure all paint cans are sealed before the painter starts working. If they arrive with unsealed cans, you may be at risk of receiving watered-down paint. Some shady painters use this tactic to charge clients more while saving money on materials.

You should always ask to see pictures of their work, and don’t hesitate to ask them for references. Some painters will also avoid giving you the final cost until they’ve finished working. Unfortunately, if you didn’t agree on how much paint you would pay for (and how much you’d pay per gallon), you can wind up facing hundreds of extra dollars on top of your bill.


Hiring a Painter Checklist

Make sure you run through this list to find the perfect contractor for your project.

  • Always research a company online, paying extra attention to reviews.  
  • Ask for visual examples of their work and references.
  • Ask about their years of experience and any unique skills or specialties.  
  • Question their methods and services, e.g., do they offer cleanup services, furniture, floor coverings, tape, and other services?  
  • Ask for a breakdown of their estimate, including how they charge for labor and materials.
  • Check if they offer a quality and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Ask what brands of paint they use, and check if they’re high quality.

At ONiT, we provide friendly, reliable, professional painting service throughout Indianapolis. Our consultative approach includes you in every step of the home painting process. From setting the project’s scope to choosing paints, we want you to be in the know at all times. 

If you’re looking for reputable, skilled professional painters for your home in Indianapolis, we’re always here to help. Contact ONiT Painting today to schedule a free consultation and get an estimate for your project. We’ll clearly communicate what you can expect from our experts and what (if anything) we’ll need from you to prepare for your next paint job.