Are you ready for the holiday season? Check out our 8 tips below and see!

1. Spruce Up the Main Spaces
Don’t worry about getting every nook and cranny. Put your focus on the main areas in your home that guests will be seeing like the front porch, entryway, kitchen, living room and bathrooms. Easily declutter spaces with a laundry basket you can hide away in your closet. A quick dusting with an old sock isn’t a bad idea, either.

2. Use Seasonal Scents
Have your home smelling delightful with holiday scented candles! Or bake a batch of cookies before your guests arrive so your home will smell delicious!

3. Clean the Fridge + Oven
If you plan on cooking the holiday feast, it’s a good idea to start by cleaning the fridge and giving your oven a deep clean. Another tip? Plan ahead and figure out what food you can make beforehand. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to prepare a big dinner for your guests in a day. Pies and side dishes can be prepped a few days before, so all you need to do is bake them.

4. Paint Dining and Living Area
There’s no better way to transform a space than with a little paint! Choose a neutral color palette (such as Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, or Killim Beige) for a toned-down look or go bold for the holidays with popular jewel tones (like Sherwin Williams Mature Grape or Anchors Aweigh).

5. Get a Chimney Sweep
The National Fire Protection Association recommends that chimneys be swept at least once a year at the beginning of the winter to remove soot and debris. Find a certified sweep in your area via the Chimney Safety Institute of America. In addition to cleaning, a chimney sweep should inspect the chimney structure for cracks, loose bricks, or missing mortar. Chimney liners should also be checked for cracking or deterioration.

6. Set the Table
It’s time to bring out the fancy dishes. Create a lovely, festive tablescape complete with a holiday themed tablecloth, color-coordinated dinnerware and fresh, seasonal blooms.

7. Prepare for Houseguests
Make your guests feel welcomed and loved by taking the time to tidy up the guest room and bathroom for those friends or relatives staying for a few nights. Be sure they have plenty of clean towels, toiletries, blankets and pillows to make them feel right at home.

8. Clean the Floors
Give your floors a good cleaning before the holidays! Sweep and mop wood, laminate or tile floors and possibly even hire professional cleaning for your carpeted areas. Be sure to have a Swiffer or vacuum on hand for those unexpected spills!