Project Summary

Jonathan and his wife desperately wanted to spice up their Fishers, IN home with some Exterior Painting. They both love color and were tired of their home’s current drab exterior. Luckily, they spotted ONiT Painting’s yard sign while they were out one day, and decided to give us a call!

The exterior painting estimate was actually completed by Chris Elliott in 2020, but Jonathan and his wife chose to hold off on the project until this spring. They were placed on our spring priority list, and our office gave them a call to schedule as soon as the weather was warm enough this year!

Once spring hits, we get extremely busy here at ONiT Painting. If you know you’re interested in Exterior Painting, we highly recommend getting your estimate before the spring. It gives you time to budget and plan for your project and being on our spring priority list guarantees that you will be able to complete your project when it works best for you.

Choosing A Color

The biggest stressor in this exterior painting project was choosing a color. Jonathan and his wife wanted their home to truly stand out from the rest. However, they are a part of a Home Owners Association (HOA), which has restrictions on which colors you can use for exterior painting.

Ideally, they wanted a bright red color. There were a few other homes in their neighborhood painted red, so they knew it was achievable. Our color consultant was able to send Jonathan a list of Sherwin-Williams reds that are typically HOA approved. From there, they chose their favorite and received final approval from the HOA! Bright red, here we come!

The color they chose was SW 7600 Bolero. This red color is extremely striking and complex. It actually has a cooler undertone which gives the color a lot of sophistication and complexity. It also pairs wonderfully with the bright white trim color they chose.

With the colors selected, it was time to start painting!

Exterior Painting Process

  • Power Washing
    • We power wash all surfaces that will be painted to remove dirt and mildew. This step is not only good for your home, it also prevents any rough patches in the painting and makes it much easier for the paint to adhere.
  • Surface Preparation
    • We hand scrape loose and peeling paint. Bare areas will be spot primed to ensure adhesion of the finish coats.
  • Paint Application
    • We will apply one-two finish coats based on the goal of your project. With color changes, such as Jonathan’s, we usually recommend two coats to achieve a uniform finish.
  • Clean Up
    • We will clean up daily upon completion, leaving your home and property exactly as we found it. You’d never know we were there if it wasn’t for the beautiful paint job!
  • Final Inspection
    • Our Project Manager will complete a final inspection to ensure that the entire scope of work has been completed and our quality standards have been met.

The Final Result

In the end, the exterior painting transformation was shocking! The home went from a subtle, slightly boring light blue, to the most powerful color we can imagine! Jonathan and his wife are extremely happy with the result, and ONiT Painting thoroughly enjoyed working on such an awesome project. Their color choice ended up being perfect for them, their home, and their neighborhood. It certainly stands out from the rest on their street!

Project Photos


Before ONiT Painting

Exterior Painting

After ONiT Painting



Whether you’re looking for a drastic change like Jonathan or you just want to freshen up your home’s look, ONiT Painting has you covered! Schedule a free in-person or virtual estimate today!