Commercial Painting Project Summary

In January of 2021, ONiT Painting was hired to repaint the interior of the Cambria FabShop in Greenfield, IN. The Cambria FabShop is a full production fabrication facility for Cambria Natural Quartz Surfaces. Due to the nature of this facility, the Maintenance Manager finds repainting necessary at least once a year. Our Owner and President, Chris Elliott, conducted the painting estimate. During this, he assessed any problems that needed to be fixed prior to painting and created a clear scope of work and price for the project.


Problem to Solve

Similar to many of our commercial painting projects, this was a large space with both heavy machinery and products throughout, which results in daily wear and tear on the walls. There was a significant amount of dirt and debris which had to be removed before painting, as well as rust which had left stains on the walls.

The FabShop was built with precast walls, which is often seen in industrial and commercial painting. These are constructed by casting concrete in a reusable wall mold which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site, and lifted into place.

These precast walls are then, most often, welded together which is an extremely durable and efficient way of bonding. However, these connections are often prone to rust, especially in exceptionally moist conditions. The machinery used in the FabShop can cause the interior to become very hot and humid, which enabled this rusting.


Our Solution

To combat these issues, we thoroughly cleaned the walls before starting the painting. In addition, we spot primed the areas that had previously been rusty. This not only ensures full coverage of the paint but prevents further damage to the walls. Lastly, we chose a high-quality finish coat made specifically for commercial painting to guarantee that the final product would be extremely durable and able to withstand this specific environment.


Commercial Painting Preparation and Products

Step 1: Thoroughly Clean the Walls

We started by dry scrubbing the walls with a hard bristle brush to remove any large particles. After that, the walls were cleaned with The Great Lakes No-Rinse Prepaint Cleaner. We used a pump sprayer to apply the solution and worked from the top down. Lastly, as an extra precaution, we rinsed the entire area with water to ensure that the walls were completely clean before starting the painting process.

Step 2: Spot Prime the Necessary Surfaces with Sherwin-Williams Pro-Cryl Primer

For the rust stains, we used Sherwin-Williams Pro-Cryl Primer. This primer is specifically made for commercial painting, new construction, or maintenance application. It is rust inhibitive and compatible with water-based finish coats, which made it the perfect solution for this problem.

Step 3: Apply Two Finish Coats of Sherwin-Williams  Pro Industrial Water Based Catalyzed Epoxy

As previously mentioned, the paint used needed to be extremely durable to withstand the environment of this fabrication facility. We believed that the best choice for this job would be Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial Water Based Catalyzed Epoxy.

“Designed for use in commercial and industrial applications. It provides excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, color durability, chemical resistance, early moisture resistance, and good adhesion to concrete, metal, or primed substrates” (Sherwin-Williams).

This paint also comes in a high-gloss sheen which is hard, ultra-shiny, and light-reflecting. It is much tougher and easier to clean than other, more porous, sheens which is why it is commonly chosen for industrial and commercial painting projects. With an extremely durable product like this, the FabShop will be able to pressure wash the walls without worrying about breaking down the paint.


Obstacles Encountered

During the commercial painting process, there were three main obstacles encountered. Firstly, the FabShop was in full production for the entire duration of the project. We worked around it by adjusting our schedule daily to accommodate their workers. We understand that any time off for a business is money lost, so we made it a priority not to slow down or interrupt their production at all.

Secondly, many areas in the FabShop were difficult to access. This included extremely high ceilings that required a lift to reach and tight spots where typical equipment could not fit. For this, we relied on our trusted partner and vendor, Sunbelt Rentals, who we’ve used for many commercial painting projects. They were able to provide us with options for equipment that would be not only practical in completing the job, but safe for everyone involved

We had to make safety our highest priority during this project, both for our painters and the FabShop employees. Our Production Manager, Reuben Moore, worked with the Maintenance Manager to ensure that all workers were in the proper Personal Protective Equipment; hard hats, steel-toed boots, etc. Also, when the indoor lift was in use, our painters were in safety harnesses and always accompanied by a ground escort.



In the end, the FabShop looked completely refreshed! ONiT Painting was able to give the walls a durable and smooth finish, without disrupting the facility’s production. The entire project was completed in only one week and will last them years. As previously stated, the FabShop’s Maintenance Manager usually has to have the facility repainted every year. However, with a combination of extensive prep work and high-quality products, ONiT Painting has significantly extended the time needed between repaints, saving the company money and stress. The FabShop is now a renewed, clean and safe environment for all of Cambria’s employees to enjoy.


commercial painting

After ONiT Painting

Before and After ONiT Painting



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