Painting Vinyl Siding- How Do I Freshen Up My Home?

Siding is an essential element of any building exterior. New or well-maintained siding gives your exterior a common theme, enhances curb appeal, and increases property value. It also plays a vital role in shielding your home from pests and other harmful elements like harsh rain, snow, or high winds.
Siding paint recommendations depend on the material. If you are wondering: ‘Can I paint my siding?’ the answer is a tentative yes; Vinyl operates differently than metal, which works differently than wood. Each is pre-treated differently, meaning it can sometimes take additional research to find the best paint for you. Consistency is imperative and comes with recognizing the unique exceptions for every job. If you are wondering whether you can paint your commercial or residential building siding, the answer is a clear yes!
Here, we focus on everything there is to know about vinyl siding. We explain the reasons behind painting siding, what paints you should use, and who you can contact to find the best paints for your home. The best place to start is to ask:’what is my siding made of? ‘ Exterior wall projects are time-consuming, costly, and often the largest home painting project. More extensive projects require measuring twice to get it right the first time.

Can I Paint Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is one of the most durable coverings for your home with low-maintenance needs. Many people have reservations about painting vinyl; There is concern that paint can ruin the vinyl siding, risking exterior damage and a need for replacements. Fortunately, this is not the case, despite what some may say. You can paint your vinyl siding if it is still in good shape and the paint is not too dark. Painted vinyl gives your home a much-needed exterior facelift. It is important to note that your choice of paint can still inevitably ruin vinyl siding. The key is to discern what paints do and do not work for vinyl before deciding on paint or colors you enjoy.
The benefit of this siding material is that you will not need to repaint it often. It can serve you for ten years or more before requiring a replacement. If you live in an area that experiences extreme snow, sunlight, or humidity, you might need to repaint it in five-year increments. Some places may require faster action if there are noticeable discolorations, chips, or wear. Before you begin, remember that you cannot change what you have already done. If you paint preemptively, you risk having to repaint or replace your vinyl siding.
If you choose to paint your siding, the most important thing to note besides the choice of paint is the condition of the siding. Inspect your house exterior for loose, chipped, cracked, or warped portions of the siding. Any external damage will need replacing before you initiate the painting process. If you paint over damaged siding, you will cause further damage to it and also risk voiding your warranty.
If you are satisfied with the condition of the siding, give it a good clean to prepare it for painting without over-saturating it. A professional painter should handle this task as they understand the right amount of pressure and technique to apply for optimal results.

Which Paint Is Best for Vinyl Siding?

When selecting vinyl siding paint colors, be cautious to avoid causing damage to it. Not all paint brands are vinyl-safe. Look for vinyl-safe paints, which are uniquely created for vinyl siding, with ingredients like urethane and latex to ensure your paint job lasts.
The best exterior paint for vinyl siding should be a light color, not a dark one. Painting siding in darker colors like black, navy, or dark greys and browns can leave lasting damage. When the siding is newly painted with darker colors, the paint heats up in the sun, causing the vinyl siding to warp or bow. You cannot change and paint your vinyl siding a darker color than what you currently have; you can only go lighter. Default to hues that are one or two shades within your current paint.
If you are not a professional painter, you need to hire one for the best results. They should go for spray painting instead of the brush or roller options. When an experienced painter uses the right paint sprayer equipment and paint options, the result is a smooth, even coverage that you will love.If you are not a professional painter, you need to hire one for the best results. They should go for spray painting instead of the brush or roller options. When an experienced painter uses the right paint sprayer equipment and paint options, the result is a smooth, even coverage that you will love.

Is it Cheaper to Paint or Replace Vinyl?

People are often conflicted on whether they should paint their vinyl siding or replace it. If the siding is in bad shape, it is only advisable that you replace it. If the siding is still in good shape, you can paint it and save some money. Please do not be confused and interpret this to mean that painting the siding is a cheap exercise; it still costs you tons of money.
To paint the siding, you will need a power washer and vinyl-friendly chemicals to strip it off all the built-up grime. You will also need to buy vinyl specialty paints and hire a professional to paint them for you. The entire process, from surface preparation to a painted siding, can see costs go up quickly. That is not to say it is still more expensive than having a replacement, no. Taking all these expenses into account, painting your siding is still cheaper than buying a new one by around 30%.

Factors for Painting Vinyl Siding


  • Painting your vinyl siding costs less than replacing it. It saves you money even when you hire a professional painter to get it done.
  • A fresh coat of paint on your siding can hide any imperfections and improve your home’s overall appearance.
  • With the right products and application, painting your siding adds a protective layer against harmful elements, making it more durable.
  • A well-painted siding gives your home’s exterior a fresh look and increases its value.


  • Painting your vinyl siding while still under warranty can void it.
  • The wrong choice of paint or paint color can damage the vinyl siding, leading to peeling, fading, or warping.

Ready to Paint? Talk to the Experts

Painting a vinyl siding is a laborious job, but the cost-saving benefits and the facelift it gives your home are worth it. It is important to leave the task of the side painting job to the professionals. A poorly painted vinyl siding will lower the aesthetic appeal of your home and can even compromise its structural integrity by exposing it to harmful elements.
ONiT is the ideal paint works partner that has everything you need in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas to give your home’s siding that fresh, updated look. The company has years of experience in the industry with a team of expert painters who are professional in their work approach and easy to work with. Once you contract ONiT to paint your siding, you can relax and focus on your other day-to-day activities knowing that the team will get the work done as per your expectations and timely so.
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