Paint Color of the Year: 7 Ways to use color “Naval” in Your Home

Indianapolis Professional Painter Discusses Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams has finally released their Color of the Year! With the chaos of 2020, many of us have taken on home-makeover projects to pass the time. Naval SW 6244 is a deep navy blue color that exudes boldness and confidence. Perfect for interior or exterior paint jobs, You’ll fall in love with this color as much as we have.

Its attractive qualities come from the positive energy that radiates off it while still remaining sophisticated. It can be the color you need to complete and tie together the decor of your home. With such a gorgeous color, you could find yourself lacking inspiration on where it belongs in your home. Not to worry, we have some pointers for you that can inspire you for your next home-makeover project.


Naval is a very flexible color that can be simple and quiet, while also being able to stand out in a room.Because of its unique shade, it can be used with many different themes for decorating your home. Modern and chic, vintage, beach house, and even a country farmstead vibe can be elevated with just this one color. It doesn’t matter what vibe you’re trying to create in your home. This color adds so much life to your home that you can’t help but gravitate to Naval.


The entryway of your home is your first greeting after a long day. It’s where we breathe when we get home, it’s where we evaluate our day as we walk out the door, and it’s your guest’s first impression of your home. Because of the impact of just this one room, the color you select can make a difference. By using Naval as the color of your entryway, you create a relaxed and clean atmosphere that can be relaxing when you come home. We recommend accenting your entryway with white decor and metallic accents to brighten up the small space and add dimension.


Your bedroom is where you go to relax and rest, and it should reflect you and your personality. Naval can bring a romantic and calming atmosphere to the bedroom without being overwhelming. It can complement so many different colors and themes that it’s perfect for elevating the vibe of your bedroom.

Living Areas:

Living rooms and dens are where you and your family go to spend time together. Whether it’s game nights with the family, or movie nights with a group of friends. This space should radiate a cozy yet lively atmosphere. Naval can give you this energy that you’re seeking and will work with relaxed and cozy living areas, as well as sophisticated and high class living areas.

You can highlight this color even more by adding accents of natural wood and metallics as well as different textures.


One way you can use Naval in your home is by using it as an accent color. Because of the depth and power of the shade, it can stand out and make a statement in a big way without painting an entire room. Making it an accent wall, or even just pops of color around the room can add depth to the room. This color can also be a gorgeous front runner for cabinet makeovers, and complements a variety of counter tops. Naval can help you elevate your bathroom and kitchen and breathe new life into the room.


For the last few years, a navy exterior has steadily grown in popularity. This beautiful trend is not only stunning and gorgeous, but it is still very unique and will make your home stand out amongst your neighbors. If your home exterior has brick or stone elements involved, then Naval can really add pops of color to your home.

Complementary Colors:

Due to Naval being classified as a neutral color, it can be combined with a wide variety of colors and textures. Sherwin-Williams themselves suggest light accent colors to bring warmth to this deep shade of navy, such as Tarnished Trumpet SW 9026 or Midday SW 6695. Or for a more down to earth feel, incorporate shades of green with paint colors such as Kale Green SW 6460.

Keep up with the trend and elevate your home by adding Naval to your decor. We offer professional interior and exterior paint jobs that take the frustration out of painting your home yourself. If you’re ready to start a new home painting project, contact ONiT today for more information or to schedule your next paint job.

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