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While residential work is a large part of our focus at ONiT Painting, we also complete a sizeable number of commercial projects each year. Recently, we completed a project at Pinnex Apartments in Fountain Square.

“The industry contributes $1.3 trillion to the national economy and houses approximately 38.8 million residents” (The National Apartment Association).

With the booming state of the industry, apartment communities are frequently performing renovations in order to keep up with the high number of new and modern properties. These can include the units themselves, leasing offices, hallways, and apartment amenities such as a fitness center, clubhouse, or pool. A recent study showed that 44.5% of Indianapolis residents are renters. High demand results in high competition. Therefor, it is important to sufficiently maintain and, when possible, modernize a property in order to attract prospective residents.

Another common time properties need contractors is for unit turnover. This occurs when a resident moves out of a unit, and the property hires contractors to perform any touchups or renovations needed before the next resident moves in. This work must be done extremely quickly, as an empty unit is a direct loss of revenue for the apartment property. The goal is to begin work as soon as the previous resident has vacated, and complete the work as quick as possible so the next resident can move in right away.

With Pinnex apartments, they were looking to renovate the property over all, rather than just specific units. They had some old peeling and dingy looking paint in their hallways, and needed them all repainted. Though this does not necessarily have to be as fast paced as unit turnover, it is still important to complete in a timely manner. We strive to keep a low level of inconvenience to the community’s residents, and working quickly helps in that effort.

Our Owner/President, Chris Elliott, currently conducts all commercial estimates. He visited the Pinnex property in September to provide a quote, and the Property Manager was pleased with his professionalism and timeliness. She accepted the quote, however, chose to wait until November to complete the work. The second and third quarter is an extremely busy time in the apartment industry, and taking on too many projects during that time can be overwhelming for both the employees and residents. Waiting until November ensured that daily life at the property wouldn’t be as hectic, giving everyone sufficient time and energy to take on this project.

In order to further support our goal of putting the customer’s needs first, ONiT Painting recently became a Certified Apartment Supplier.

“The CAS Program marks the credential holder as a valued apartment supplier with a deep understanding of the apartment industry” (The National Apartment Association)

Through CAS we were able to get a closer look at the current state of the Apartment Industry, the role of a Property Manager, and how different types of apartment communities function. Through this, we are able to tailor our services to better fit a properties needs, and ensure that we are not only increasing the value of the property, but the satisfaction of it’s employees and residents. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are hiring someone with knowledge, experience, and their best interest at heart.

Over all, the project went very smoothly. We were able to scrape away any peeling paint, prime to ensure adhesion, and paint all of the hallway walls, ceilings, baseboards, and common doors with two coats of high quality paint to ensure a durable finish. Both the property manager, and residents were extremely happy with the new look, and ONiT Painting was pleased to have another commercial project under our belt!

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