5 Reasons to Repaint your Commercial Property

Are you looking to repaint commercial property? Whether you own or lease, have one or many locations, the exterior and interior appearance fulfills an essential role in your business. Your commercial property is a landmark, with meaning built into its presence no matter its size or stature. The property’s location, look, and feel are all factors in how people react or interact with or within the building. And, by extension, it factors into how they relate to the owner or occupier’s brand. Commercial painting is more than maintenance—it’s strategic. This post covers the top five reasons to repaint your commercial property.


Top 5 Reasons to Repaint

  • Curb appeal draws in customers. If you own a commercial property, you likely rely on foot traffic, or foot traffic is at least a component of your success. In human-to-human interaction, looking good is essential to maximizing that traffic. An Omnibus survey of 1,000 consumers by a market research and consulting firm, revealed that 95 percent of customers reported that a store’s exterior swayed their choice of where to shop. And 67 percent said they did not visit a store because of how it looked from the street. Even if it’s just “eyeballs” that you’re looking to attract or retain, a sharp-looking building with a fresh coat of paint will help you do that. And that can be the difference between connection or rejection. In an almost unconscious way, repainting can reaffirm their comfort level with your property.
  • The look and feel develops brand recognition and loyalty. Your commercial property represents something. To an onlooker or potential customer, it has a personality and comes with unique associations or impressions in their mind. It’s part of your brand. The commercial property’s presence may be the first tangible point of contact with the customer. Does it smile? Is it welcoming? Does the painted exterior act as a billboard or colorful expression of brand identity? How you “dress” the property can communicate the status of the commercial entity within; is it a discounter, a high-end purveyor, a stickler for detail? Paint helps create an environment, build a feeling, and say something meaningful about who you are and what you value. A fresh coat of paint on your commercial property can be an essential part of your brand’s communication. It demonstrates a level of care and attention indicative of a brand with whom someone wants to do business.
  • An aesthetically-pleasing work environment attracts and retains employees. According to market-research firm Clutch, the majority of employees (61%), regardless of their gender, age, or location, agreed “an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable workspace is the most valuable workspace trait.” Have you ever watched a movie that features a sad and mundane work environment? It’s usually a foreboding concrete building full of dull cubicles, dark office walls, dim lighting, and a constant din in the background. Filmmakers understand the sad reality of some workplace environments. It’s not just a paycheck people want, but a whole lot of “something more” items. Thoughtful employers consider lighting, seating, airflow, access to water, and comfortable restrooms essential to a high-quality work experience. Crisp, well-chosen paint choices fall into the same category. Consider the new application of intelligent paint choices vital to maintaining a work environment that values employees and does everything possible to give them a comfortable place to be productive and well.
  • Paint protects the investment. The building relies on your smart decisions to survive the sun, wind, and rain attacking your commercial property daily. Quality paint is like armor. Repainting your commercial property can prevent future damage from ultraviolet radiation, mold, insects, and rot. Better to do minor repair work (such as stripping degraded paint and light carpentry work) now versus the more costly and arduous task of replacing the base building materials later. The bottom line is that repainting your commercial property protects your investment.
  • A freshly painted property gives you an edge over the competition. Nicks, scratches, dirt, or smudges are obvious wear-and-tear reasons your painted surface may be no longer acceptable. Age can be a factor, too. Even quality paint will degrade with enough time and exposure. It can happen so slowly you barely notice. Binders, pigments, and other paint ingredients can break down. Apply a dab of fresh paint or hold up a paint swatch next to an exterior that’s been sun-baked for five years, and you’ll see it. You might even have a psychological reaction to it—a dull or faded paint can negatively work against our emotions in contrast to how a bright and crisp color can work for us positively. Is there a new competitor in town grabbing attention from your business? A new paint job gives your commercial property new life, pushes back against the urge to “look who’s new in town”, and allows you to maintain a high standard of appearance. Better paint can affect the level of rent you can demand, the prices you charge, and the perceived value of your commercial offerings. Fresh paint can not only fight off competitors, but it can also add to your bottom line.


When to repaint

How long does paint last? How do you know it’s time to repaint? The rule of thumb is: for your exterior, repaint every five years, unless you have high exposure to direct sunlight, in which case it might be more like three years. For your interiors, repaint every seven years unless exposed to heavy traffic or there is a need to realign the look to match a brand update.

 Hiring a professional firm for your commercial property painting project is an intelligent decision. You have a business to run, and your time is worth money. Hiring a pro will help you get the job done more quickly, with less disruption to regular business and that feeling of assurance that comes with knowing you’ve followed a process and used the best materials and techniques to do the job.


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