Repaint your Business

Did you know that color is one of the most important elements of a corporate identity? When you’re walking or driving down the street, our eyes always catch color or a freshly painted building. Your choice of color can affect your promotional efforts for your company. So, if color is what attracts people, why not repaint your commercial business?

Over time, paint begins to fade. Giving your business a fresh coat can make your space look clean, fresh, and anew. There are a few reasons why you should repaint, after understanding the information below, you can decide if it’s time to give your place a new life.

Why should I repaint my business?

  1. To Represent Change

As businesses grow and evolve over time, it’s common to update your logo or redesign your website. Making changes to your brand is essential but keeping a clean exterior look can also portray a rebrand or change.


If you’re at the time where you have changed your logo, you can repaint your business as well to match it. This is a subtle but significant change and can promote your brand even more.


As stated earlier, color is one of the most important elements in corporate identity, so painting your building can be the reason someone stops by.


  1. Increase Foot Traffic

Now that you’ve changed your logo or brand and have considered giving your business color, doing this simple tip can dramatically improve foot traffic. People are always attracted to well-kept, colorful, and professional places. By adding a fresh coat, you could see a new client today.


This will also help you keep up with your competitors. With more foot traffic, comes more clients and better business. If your competitor has a shiny new paint job, this could harm your business. Adding that fresh coat could really win over your new potential customers.


  1. To protect your property

Adding a crisp coat to your building can potentially be preventative of damage and maintenance. The paint will crack and break down over time. With that, can be future property damage whether you have noticed or not. If you have noticed flakes or bubbles on your exterior, it’s definitely time for a new paint job.


Did you know buildings constructed before 1978 are likely to have lead paint on the walls? This can potentially cause hazardous lead dust to be released into the air. Double-check and make sure that you have painted your business before then.


  1. Change the mood of your business

People are drawn to color. According to Color Wheel Pro, colors have different meanings. Depending on the color your choose, it can give off the “vibes” or ambiance your business means.

  • Red: Brings images to the foreground. Meaning, it is known for urgency and is good to get immediate attention.
  • Orange: Is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. It can represent happiness, determination, attraction, etc.
  • Yellow: the color of sunshine. It gives off a warming effect and is associated with joy and happiness.
  • White: Is associated with light, goodness, and purity. It calls for safety.
  • Black: is associated with power and elegance. It is known as a mysterious color.

For more colors and information, visit Color Wheel Pro.


  1. Boost Morale

A repaint can help the work environment and boost morale. A nice, clean, and comfortable workplace can help employees and customers. Happy employees make for productive and good work. Making sure your employees are in a pleasant work environment is crucial.

If you want to repaint your business today, contact us today!