6 Signs that it’s Time to Paint Your Home

To paint or not to paint? If you’ve been asking yourself this very question, we have your answers right here. Check out these 6 signs to look for when deciding if your home is due for a fresh coat of paint.

The Paint is Showing Signs of Wear

Paint your home

The most obvious sign that you need to paint your home is if your current paint is in poor condition. If you notice peeling, bubbling or cracking in your current paint, it definitely needs to be re-done. This is commonly thought of as a sign that the paint wasn’t applied correctly in the first place. While this can be true, it is also a very common result of your paint being exposed to the elements. It can also be a sign of dry rot or mold, which would require a professional inspection.

While it is good to re-paint immediately if you see these signs, it is even better to paint before it gets to this point. Dealing with old cracking or peeling paint requires much more extensive prep work. Getting your home painted before it gets this bad could save you money on your project and prevent further damage to your home.

The Color is Fading

Is the color of your paint simply not looking like it used to? Maybe it’s not as vibrant or it’s starting to look a little dingy. This is a sign that it’s time to paint your home again. No paint lasts forever, and eventually it’s going to start showing it’s age. Having faded paint can make an entire space appear old and worn down. You’d be surprised how much of a difference you’ll notice after getting it re-done.

A tip for the future, darker colors fade faster than lighter colors. This is not to say that you shouldn’t paint your home that gorgeous navy blue color! Just know that you might have to touch it up sooner than if you went with a light gray.

The Surface is Damaged

Painting over a damaged surface will not fix it. However, when getting a surface replaced or repaired, it is almost certain that you will have to re-paint as a result. Some examples of this is if your home has wood rot, water damage, or cracked caulking. Another less obvious sign of damage is if you’re noticing gaps between boards that weren’t there before. These all will have to be evaluated and fixed by a professional, and most likely need a fresh coat of paint once that is completed.

There are Stains on the Walls

Issues like mold or water damage can often leave your walls stained or discolored. Even though you’ve had a professional completely eradicate the problem, the visual damage will not always go away. The last thing you want is guests thinking that there is mold still growing in your home.

Luckily, a fresh coat of paint can solve this problem quite easily! Hiring a professional painter for a situation like this is a very good idea because they have experience in covering up stains and discoloration. They will know important details like the best kind of paint to use and what kind or amount of priming is necessary.

You’re Putting it on the Market

If you’re preparing to sell your home, this is an essential time to have it re-painted. Not only does this add value to your home, but will also make it more visually appealing to buyers. When deciding what color to use, try to stick with neutral colors that appeal to a wide range of people, and give the house a more contemporary look. If you’re struggling with inspiration, check out these Top 50 Neutrals from Sherwin-Williams.

As far as home renovations go, having your home painted is not too much of a hassle, but it will give possible buyers peace of mind that there is one less thing they’d have to deal with after moving in.

You’re Tired of the Color

Now this may seem obvious, but if you’re tired of the color of your home, you should paint! So many people put off painting their home because they want to avoid the stress of a home improvement project. However, if you find a reliable painting company that you trust, the stress should be greatly minimized.

Your house is supposed to be your sanctuary. Somewhere you are excited to come home to at the end of a long day. If you’re surrounded by a color you hate, you’re not going to be able to unwind like you should.


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