Finding the Right Painting Contractor For You

So, your house needs painted…what do you do now and how do you begin the process? This is a question most people face when it comes to dealing with home repairs and maintenance. I’m sure you know of a painter your brothers, sisters, neighbor used in the past, or even a quick Google search can turn up hundreds of different professional painters near you. So how do you pick the right painting contractor for your home? We will address the answer in this article so that you can make a well-informed decision for your painting project.


Why should I hire a professional painter?

Imagine that you are going to tackle the painting project on your own. First, you will have to research what type of paint and primer to use for your space, how much you will need to buy and in what sheen and color (In case you didn’t know, there are hundreds of different brands and types of paint to choose from.) After your hours of research, you will have to buy the paint and haul it off to your home, up/downstairs etc. (did we mention you’ll get a good cardio workout?) along with all the soft supplies too such as tape, drop cloths, rollers, brushes and trays. Do you have high ceilings? Therefore, you will also need a ladder, and let’s hope you’re not afraid of heights because then things could get tricky! After all the setup, which could take a while, then  you’ll be ready to put some primer and paint on the walls! Depending on the size, or number of rooms for your project, you’re looking at taking off work for at least 3-7+ days or you can come home and paint in the evening (potentially missing the latest Bachelor episode). I think you get the picture we are painting, right? Bottom line is it takes time, effort and skill in order to achieve the beautiful paint job that you’d prefer!



The 4 things you should look for when hiring a professional painting company

This list could have more things, but we picked the most important


1. Reputation: Take a peek at a painting company’s online reputation before making a decision. Popular online platforms include Google, Home Advisor, Angi, and the BBB.

TIP-When you spot a negative customer review, take a look at how the company responded; this will tell you a lot about their integrity and ability to handle customer conflict.


2. Communication: Does the painting company answer your call right away, or return your call within 24 hours? Do they respond to your questions and emails? Effective verbal and written communication are a must! Without effective and prompt communication you will be left in the dark regarding your project or important details could be missed.


3. Ease of use: You are hiring a professional painter for a reason, so that you can go about your daily routine without having to worry about your painting project! Look for these:

  • Online appointment setting option
  • User friendly website
  • Simple, up front pricing and easy to read quote
  • Financing options
  • Free, no obligation estimates
  • Dedicated project manager to manage your project from beginning to end
  • Accepts payments online with all major credit cards (even Apple Pay!)


4. Professionalism: We saved the best for last. At the end of the day, you want to do business with a professional painting company; one that takes pride in its employees and services. Look for a painting company that displays this in their community outreach, employee recognition, and if other people refer or recommend them!

TIP- Make sure to look for a company that is bonded and insured!


How do I pick the right company?

After reviewing the 4 important factors to look out for, you are now ready to choose a painting company for your project! Here are a couple places you can go to pick:

Home Advisor or Angie’s List– You will submit your contact information and project details, and then they will filter through hundreds of pros to find the top ones that match up to your specifications. Expect a phone call from multiple different contractors, because Home Advisor and Angie’s List will blast your information to the companies that qualify!

Google Search– The most popular option! Type in what you’re looking for, and the top painting pros will pop up in your search.

TIP- be sure to check out reviews, job pictures and more in the company’s Google Listing!

Print Advertising – Look in your local magazine publications to see if any professionals are advertising. Typically, they will offer a special discount or deal too!



Finding a professional painting company is not a one-size-fits-all situation, but hopefully this guide helped you to make a choice. After all, we are here to make it easy for you!


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