Painted Brick: Pros and Cons

The painted brick look is truly all the rage nowadays. Here at ONiT Painting, we are getting more requests for painted brick than ever before! However, painting the exterior brick of a home can be a tricky task and, if done incorrectly, can begin a slippery slope to many renovation headaches. Understandably, this has a lot of homeowners asking themselves,

“Should I Paint My Brick House?”

Of course, we love the look of painted brick, but it is important that you make an informed decision to get the best possible result. Here are some Pros and Cons you should weigh before taking a deep dive into the world of painted brick.




It is Difficult to Complete Successfully

Painting the exterior brick of your home is not an easy weekend DIY project. Brick is a very porous material, so using the right technique and materials is an absolute must to get a satisfactory finished product. If done incorrectly, water can seep under the paint and get trapped. This can lead to minor flaws such as paint chipping or cracking, but could also be much worse. Extended and severe water damage can cause serious structural issues in your home, so it’s very important that whoever paints your brick knows what they are doing.

We recommend finding a professional painting company with plenty of painted brick experience. You can even ask for after photos to be sure that their work is up to your standards. You don’t want to cut corners and choose the cheapest company you can find for a project like this. It will end up costing you more money to redo it or repair your home in the future. Look for a well-established, professional company that can give you the end result you deserve.


You Can’t Change It Back

Choosing to paint your brick is a very permanent decision. It is virtually impossible to go from painted to unpainted brick, so make sure that this is really what you want to do before starting the project.

Some might say that painting brick or stained woodwork is erasing a piece of history. While this opinion does have some merit, it is also just that; an opinion. The world is ever-changing and it is up to you to decide if it is more important to preserve the history of your home or update it to fit in our world today.


It Will Require Maintenance

Painted brick will most likely require a little more maintenance than if you were to leave it be. You’ll have to perform small touch-ups every so often and clean it more frequently than you would plain brick. This kind of maintenance is not much more than any painted exterior surface, but it is something to take into consideration.





It’s in Style

In many cases, the heavy look of an all brick home is getting tired. Designers are swaying towards lighter, more colorful exteriors this year. Painting the brick is the best way to transform your home and keep it up with the trends!


Paint Protects your Home from Weather Damage

Painting any surface will add a layer of protection to it. Paint serves as a protective coating for your home, which can be extremely helpful in Indiana. Your brick is less likely to collect mold and mildew or be affected by heavy precipitation and frigid temperatures.


It’s an Easy Way to Drastically Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Adding paint to the exterior brick of your home will instantly enhance its curb appeal. You can create beautiful contrast between the brick siding, trim, shutters, and front door which will allow your home to stand out from the rest on your street. Additionally, there are so many style options to choose from when painting your brick. You get to choose between sleek modern, bold colorful, classic neutral, and so many more! It’s a simple way for you to express your personal style on the exterior of your home that will have you excited to come home each day!

Speaking of excitement, the rush of happiness you’ll feel when you see the finished product is out of this world! Painting brick is definitely one of the most drastic exterior transformations you can do, and it’s so fun to watch your home completely change before your eyes.


Check out the transformations from these recent ONiT Painting projects!

Should I Paint my Brick House?

Before ONiT Painting


Painted Brick

After ONiT Painting


Unpainted brick - Should I paint my brick house

Before ONiT Painting



Painted Brick

After ONiT Painting



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