Indianapolis Deck And Fence Stained Services By ONiT Painting

The deck right outside your back door is an additional living space, a place to make memories. This is where you spend evenings with friends and family and the meeting place for your 4th of July picnic. This integral outdoor living space is surrounded by a fence that helps keep your kids and pets safe, while offering you privacy at the same time. As a homeowner, you want the material your deck and fence are made from to survive inclement weather as long as possible. The simplest way to protect each is to professionally stain and seal on a regular basis. The Indianapolis deck and fence staining professionals at ONiT Painting have helped area homeowners protect their assets and keep them protected from the elements and great-looking.

ONiT Painting Scrapes The Surface

To prepare your deck or fence for staining, our team of Indianapolis professional deck stainers will remove any chipped paint, dirt, grime and gravel.

ONiT Painting Power Washes The Fence Or Deck

To make sure that the surface of your deck or fence is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for painting, we will power wash the surface.

ONiT Painting Sands Rough Patches On The Fence Or Deck

When it is found to be necessary, the professional painters from ONiT Painting will sand any areas that are raise or loose to provide our crew with a smooth surface.

ONiT Paints Your Deck Or Fence

Finally, after comprehensive preparation that can include caulking and priming bare wood, our Indianapolis deck and fence painters will apply premium paint or stain to the surface.

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