Enhance an already beautiful home with Interior Painting

This past August, ONiT Painting was lucky enough to work with Janice on painting the interior of her gorgeous Indianapolis home. The architecture of the home was absolutely beautiful, which is what made her fall in love with it in the first place. However, there were certain details that needed updating, like the color of the walls. 


Choosing a painting company can be a very difficult process. It can be hard to tell just based on advertisements or websites which companies are actually trustworthy, and do the best work. Something that greatly helps with this are reviews. Getting feedback from real people on how their experience was with a specific painting company can make it much easier to sift through your options. Whether just searching on google, or getting a direct referral from a friend, real life opinions are always a great source of information.


In Janice’s case, she found us through an app called Nextdoor. This app provides a place for neighborhoods to share information, goods, and services. It is most commonly used for exchanging recommendations, and reading the local happenings in your neighborhood. Janice noticed that a few of her neighbors were highly recommending ONiT Painting, and decided to set up a free estimate with us!


She met with Drew Simone, part of our expert team of sales representatives, to receive an estimate for her project. She wanted the open concept living room area, kitchen, and hallways painted. Her home had a lot of architectural details such as an alcove running along the ceiling of the kitchen, wooden beams on the living room ceiling, and arched doorways leading to the upstairs. Drew made certain to take many pictures and notes on these elements, as they can affect the pricing of the project.


Once she received her estimate, Janice could see that, so far, ONiT Painting was living up to the reputation her neighbors had set. She trusted their opinions and her impression of the company so far, and chose to have ONiT complete her interior painting project. 


As previously mentioned, Janice’s house was very beautiful and didn’t need a lot of help. However, the color of the walls was just a little dated, and didn’t fit Janice’s personal style. She wanted something more cool toned and modern. She ended up choosing SW7643 Pussywillow. 


This color is extremely interesting because it is a warm grey, with a cool blue undertone. Due to this duality, it is a wonderful color to pair with warmer wood tones, like the wood present in Janice’s house. This color both compliments, and tones down the warmth of the wood, giving the entire space a more cohesive and eye catching look. Choosing a grey color instead of beige also helped make those architectural details, that make this home so unique, stand out even more!

indianapolis interior painting

Before ONiT Painting

Beautiful after interior painting

After ONiT Painting


Once we had Janice’s color selections, we were ready to start painting! Our interior paint process is as follows:


  • Move, cover, and protect furniture and flooring
  • Tape and mask as needed
  • Repair small cracks and dents in drywall
  • Scuff, sand, and prime glossy surfaces
  • Apply 1-2 finish coats based on the goals of the project
  • Clean up every day upon completion


After completing the project, our project manager does a final walkthrough and ensures that the customer is satisfied. Luckily, Janice’s project went very smoothly, and the final product was stunning. Janice was happy, and ONiT Painting was very proud to complete such an exciting project. 

interior painting

After ONiT Painting

interior painting kitchen

After ONiT Painting









With the weather getting colder, there is no better time to get interior painting done! Schedule your free in-person or virtual estimate with ONiT Painting to see how you can transform your home.