Painting these Brand New Custom Built-Ins

ONiT Painting does a large amount of cabinet projects each year. However, they are usually kitchen cabinets that have been previously stained or painted. Jeremiah of Noblesville, however, had brand new custom build ins that he was interested in having painted and stained.

We actually completed an interior painting project with Jeremiah earlier last year. He was so happy with our service, he wanted us to work on his new home office that was in the process of being built in his basement. We don’t usually stain interior furniture, but since this was brand new custom built-ins we felt extremely comfortable taking on this project. Staining new furniture is much more straightforward of a process. It is something our crew had both the skill and materials to complete.

The process for staining new furniture is as follows:

Scuff/Sand the Surface

This ensures that the stain applies smoothly without any patches or skips.


Applying an even and light layer of stain, making sure to avoid any drips.

Sanding Sealer

“Sanding sealer is lacquer, or some other basic coating, with zinc stearate added. The stearate, which is a soft, fluffy soap, adds loft to the lacquer, making it build up and fill in pores much faster” (Rockler – When to use Sanding Sealer)

At ONiT Painting, we have a very specific set of checks to ensure the project runs smoothly. This includes an initial walk-through with a project manager specifically assigned to your project. During this walk through our project managers verify the colors, placement, and exact scope of work. We found this step to be essential in ensuring that the customer, sales representative and crew are all on the same page.

Jeremiah’s Project Manager was Reuben Moore. During their initial walk-through Reuben was able to point out additions that he thought would make the whole basement of the house look as nice and cohesive as possible. Zach then sent Jeremiah an updated quote, which he approved, and we communicated the revisions to our crew. These add-ons included a few rooms and the stair railing/spindles leading to the basement.

In total, we stained the desktop attached to the built-ins, painted the cabinets white, painted two additional rooms and the stair railing/spindles. The project turned out beautiful and everything now looks more modern and cohesive.

Custom Built-Ins

In Progress



Jeremiah was extremely satisfied with our service, and loves his new home office and custom built-ins! This was an extremely fun and different project for ONiT Painting, and we thoroughly enjoyed watching Jeremiah’s vision for his built-ins come to life!


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