A Complete Color Change for this Exterior Painting Project

This past August the ONiT Team had the opportunity to work on a very exciting painting project! Kasi from Cicero, IN was looking to transform the exterior of her home. The home was an adorable ranch, that was just starting to show signs of wear and tear. The color was slightly outdated, and Kasi just wasn’t happy with the look of it anymore.

Our expert sales representative, Drew Simone, was sent out to give Kasi her free estimate. He took detailed pictures and measurements to make sure he had all the information he needed to give her an accurate and appropriately priced exterior painting quote. He also made sure to take Kasi through the steps of a color change, to ensure she knew what to expect if she chose to move forward with the project.

In addition to the color change, there was also some rotten wood on the exterior of Kasi’s home. Luckily, ONiT Painting offers exterior carpentry work as well, so Kasi could get it all fixed in one project, instead of having to hire multiple contractors. Drew gave Kasi a separate estimate for the wood repair, so she could see the price breakdown of each. This is important for our customers, because we want them to know where their money is going, instead of just looking at one final price without knowledge of how we came up with that number.

Though the ONiT Painting team loves every project we do, complete color changes are especially exciting! It is a lot of fun to watch a house completely transform into something brand new. However, landing on the perfect color can be a challenge! With so many color choices at Sherwin-Williams, it can seem a little overwhelming at first. Luckily, Kasi was able to narrow it down to her favorite colors. She chose SW7592 Crabby Apple for the siding, and SW7012 Creamy for the trim. This ended up being the perfect choice. It fit the style of the home wonderfully, and gave it a rustic yet trendy look that made it very eye catching!

indianapolis painting before


Indianapolis painting after


When completing a project with carpentry work and painting, we always start with carpentry repairs first. We had our wonderful production associate, Mitchell Heller, head out to the project to complete the wood repairs, and power wash the house. Power washing is extremely important because it removes all dirt and mildew from the surface before beginning the painting process. Then, we scrape all loose or peeling paint to ensure the adhesion of the primer and finish coat. From then on it’s priming, and finally applying the paint!

We used Sherwin-Williams Super Paint Exterior for Kasi’s home. It was the best choice for this project because it is formulated with Advanced Resin Technology for outstanding adhesion hide and color retention. It also has outstanding coverage and durability, provides a dirt-resistant and mildew-resistant coating, withstands the elements, and resists frost, peeling, blistering, fading and cracking.

exterior painting


exterior painting color


We are happy to report that Kasi was overjoyed with the turnout of the project. The house truly went through a drastic transformation. With the color change, and the repairs of the old wood, it looks like a brand new home! ONiT Painting had so much fun with this project, and were happy to have another satisfied customer.

Here’s Kasi’s own thoughts on how ONiT Painting did with her project:

We had them do some exterior repairs, as well as paint the house. They called every day to make sure we were happy with what was happening, which I appreciated. The painters were so kind and did a fantastic job!


Interested in giving your home a transformation like Kasi’s? Schedule your free in-person or virtual estimate today!