How the ONiT Painting Team completed this Interior Painting Project in a pinch!

Back in June of this year, Kristine of Plainfield, IN reached out to ONiT Painting about an interior painting project for her home. She had moved into a newly built home that actually was recently painted. The issue was, the outcome of the original painting was not at all up to her satisfaction, and she desperately needed it redone. Of course, the ONiT team was happy to help in any way possible.

When we scheduled Kristine for her free painting estimate, she let us know that she was on a very strict timeline. Upon hearing this, the ONiT team was ready to work. We were able to complete the estimate, send it to the customer, and received the signed and approved estimate back in just two days! Kristine was extremely happy with our efficiency, and ultimately chose ONiT Painting to complete her project.

As a company, we always try to complete our projects as quickly and efficiently as possible to suite our customers needs. However, when a customer comes with a very strict timeline, we will do everything in our power to accommodate it. In this case, Kristine was having family in town, and needed the interior painting completed beforehand so her family would get to see her new home with a brand new interior paint job. 

We know how important being able to spend time with family is to our customers. At ONiT Painting, we value being able to meet project timelines and alleviate stress so that our customers are able to spend more time doing the things that are important to them. We are always working our hardest to make sure everything goes smoothly for the customers, but it is especially imperative for situations like these. It was very important to the whole ONiT team to complete the project in a way Kristine loved, and in time for her family to see her beautiful new home. 

Once we were able to get Kristine’s project on the schedule, it was smooth sailing from there. We proceeded with our usual preparation and painting process. When doing interior painting projects, it is very important to protect the other surfaces in the home that are not being painted. The ONiT crew set up and protected the baseboards, casings, blinds, floors, and furniture. Then, we taped and masked off all surrounding surfaces that were not to be painted. This protects the rest of the home from drips and paint runs.

In the end, Kristine was very pleased with the work we did. We were able to re-paint her office, living room, kitchen, sun room, stairs, and an upstairs wall. She ended up choosing Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Low Luster in color SW7556 CREME. This gave the house a refreshed and sophisticated look that made her excited about living in her new home. It was completed within her needed timeline, and her family loved the work we had done!

The process of moving and settling into a new home is stressful in itself. Between the packing, moving, home improvement projects, and adjusting to a completely new place, it can be a bit overwhelming.  At ONiT Painting, it is our goal to take as much stress off of the customer’s shoulders as possible. We provide a high level of communication, so our customers always know what to expect, along with quality service and products. We take great pride in giving customers the peace of mind that their project will be completed correctly, and in a timely manner. 

We’re very happy to say that the entire project was a success. We hope to be able to bring all of our customers similar relief in such a stressful time. 

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