A Ravishing Restoration

This past month ONiT Painting had the privilege of working on the restoration of a Historical home in Garfield Park, IN. Russ and Page have been restoring the Interior of this home for quite some time, and decided it was time the Exterior reflected their hard work!

The home was built in 1865, with the last major remodel being in 1943. It is Victorian style and has beautifully crafted architectural details including; layered fish scale shingles, large decorative window framing, a double decker porch, with a combination of brick and siding.

Russ and Page discovered ONiT Painting in 2019 at the Indianapolis Home Show.

“The Indianapolis Home Show is a vibrant marketplace where you can shop for home-related products and services, experience stunning displays to help inspire your next home project, connect with industry experts, and enjoy informative presentations from renowned local and international home professionals” (Indianapolis Home Show).

The Home Show is a favorite event for everyone at ONiT Painting. We not only get to meet potential customers, but form relationships with other suppliers as well. For customers, it is a one stop shop for all things home related; tile, lighting, paint, you name it! You can gather a lot of information without having to visit many other places. The Home Show also only exhibits exceptional and trusted sellers, so you know you’re getting a quality product.

At that time, they were more towards the beginning of the restoration process. They ended up hiring ONiT to paint their foyer and staircase. ONiT executed the job with precision and efficiency, which is why Russ and Page decided to hire ONiT again to restore the exterior of the home.

However, when ONiT returned this month to work on their Exterior, it was a much larger and more involved job. Typical of many restoration projects, there was a large amount of rotten wood that needed to be replaced. From siding to support beams. In addition, all of the windows needed to be reframed, and many of the fish scale shingles replaced.

before restoration

Before repairs by ONiT Painting

Before Repairs by ONiT Painting

It was very important to Russ and Page that the home still maintained it’s Victorian style, since this is what made it so beautiful and striking. This involved many man hours full of very detailed work, but in the end the repairs made such a big difference on the over all look of the home.

When it came to painting, that was no small job either. Since the home hadn’t been painted in a long time, there were layers of old paint peeling and cracking everywhere. The prep time for this project was very intensive, as the crew had to scrape all the old paint, and prime almost everywhere to ensure proper adhesion and an even finish.

Russ and Page chose a very unique color scheme (pictured below) to really make the home stand out. These were the perfect colors to choose because they complimented the Victorian style, while at the same time making the home look more refreshed and modern. Now, it is impossible to pass this home without taking a second to stop and look. Russ and Page managed to rejuvenate the home with this restoration, but keep it’s historic charm.

ONiT Painting was very lucky to have the opportunity to work on this home. It is not often that you get to work on the restoration of history like this. We’d like to thank Russ and Page for taking the time and effort to restore this beautiful home, and choosing ONiT to help you!



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