Replacing and Painting Exterior Wood Trim to make this Home Ready for Sale!

Recently, ONiT Painting completed an exterior project for Deanna in Brownsburg, IN. Deanna was looking to sell her home, and needed the exterior wood trim and fascia touched up before she put it on the market. 


Our expert Sales Representative, Zach Whittaker, was sent out to complete Deanna’s free painting estimate. Upon initial inspection, he noticed that various fascia boards were rotten and needed to be replaced. Fascia boards are mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer wall of the home, often referred to as the roofline. 


Luckily, ONiT Painting also does exterior carpentry, in addition to painting. Zach was able to take measurements and pictures during the estimate, which allowed him to give a more accurate quote of how much the project would cost. He was able to see exactly which size boards were needed, and how many would have to be replaced. 


Due to the high-demand for homes at the time, Deanna wanted to get her home on the market as quickly as possible. This put the entire project on a tight timeframe. We completed the estimate appointment, sent the quote to her, and received the signed and approved copy back within two days. Aware of this timeframe, our office coordinator called as soon as the contract was approved and got Deanna on the schedule in our first available slot. 


Deanna valued ONiT Painting’s attention to detail and timeliness, and liked that she could get the whole project completed with one company, rather than having to hire a separate carpenter. It’s for these reasons that she chose to move forward with ONiT Painting.


We started with the exterior wood repair first, which was very straightforward. We removed all of the rotted boards, and replaced them with brand new ones. After the carpentry work was complete, it was important that we power washed the entire  area, and scraped off all peeling paint. This ensured that the surface would be easier to paint, and also last longer without peeling. 


We made sure to use Sherwin-Williams Exterior Oil-Based Wood Primer on the new bare wood boards. This is a high quality wood primer that is designed to block tannin, water, and other stains on exterior wood. Once the surface preparation work and priming was complete, we could begin painting.

sherwin-williams wood primer

Deanna chose to match the existing color on her home. Contrary to what many may think, this is a pretty simple process. To color match on the exterior of a home we need:

  • Paint chip from already peeling paint
  • Leftover paint from the last time the home was painted
  • Old board that needed to be replaced


In Deanna’s case, we had the old fascia boards that we replaced with new ones. All our painters have to do is take the sample into Sherwin-Williams, and they provide us with a custom color matched paint.


ONiT Painting chose to use Sherwin-Williams Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex for Deanna’s project. This paint is specially formulated with MoistureGuard Technology which helps protect against dew, precipitation, and temperature changes. It is also made to resist early dirt pickup, and is recommended for many different siding materials including aluminum and vinyl. Since we were protecting both brand new and old wood on this project, Resilience was definitely the way to go. 

Sherwin-williams resilience paint

In the end, Deanna’s project turned out wonderfully. ONiT Painting had her wood trim and fascia looking brand new, which helped a great deal in selling her house. She was able to put it on the market and sell within a very short time, and has provided the new homeowners with an exterior that they won’t have to worry about for many years to come.

After exterior wood repair

After ONiT Painting

Here’s what Deanna had to say about her experience with ONiT Painting:

ONiT Painting was immediately responsive, and everyone I spoke to and worked with was professional, respectful and courteous.

– Deanna


Whether it’s exterior or interior, ONiT Painting has you covered! Schedule your free in-person or virtual estimate today!