It’s no question that 2020 was not the year anyone expected. There have been disappointments, successes, and more highs and lows then we can even keep track of. However, we’ve all pushed through and made sure that we still had something to be proud of in 2020. Whether that is spending quality time with family, practicing a new skill, or simply getting out of bed every day, it deserves to be celebrated! So let’s focus on the positive and reflect on some of our favorite projects here at ONiT Painting this year!

ONiT Painting’s 2020 Highlights



This home was such a joy to work on! It is a Victorian home built in 1865. While we did complete interior and exterior painting, the main beast of this project was the carpentry work. The homeowners wanted to keep every interesting architectural detail, which paid off by maintaining the home’s historic charm. Check out our full project spotlight on this awesome home here!


Interior Painting


As you can see, this home was extremely beautiful to begin with. However, the homeowner’s color choice truly took it to the next level. This cool gray perfectly compliments the style of the home, and gave it an added modern flair. We did a lot of color consultations in 2020, and loved seeing a customers house come to life with a color they love!


Exterior Painting

Painting brick is never a simple task, but in situations like this it can be extremely rewarding. This gorgeous home needed an update, and painting the brick white gave it an entirely new look! We absolutely love it! We completed so many painted brick projects in 2020. It has grown to be a very popular trend, and we only see it gaining more love in 2021!


Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Painting is something we have devoted a lot of our efforts to this year. We got a new warehouse in 2020 devoted solely to our cabinet projects, and we’ve been loving it! Painted cabinets truly transform a kitchen, and it’s been wonderful to be a part of that for so many people.


Commercial Painting


We were lucky to complete many commercial projects this year, but Serenity Manor really stands out! It was a very large project, and we got to meet and work with so many wonderful people at Serenity. Check out the video to see the transformation!


Over all, we managed to still have an incredible year here at ONiT Painting, and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us. In the words of our Owner and President, Chris Elliott,

“2020 wasn’t what any of us planned but we adapted and made the best of it. Let’s make 2021 ONiT’s best year yet!!”.