ONiT Painting Wins Best of Houzz Award 2020

ONiT Painting is thrilled to win a Houzz Design Award for the fourth year running. Just 3% of the 2.5 million home design and building professionals on Houzz receive a Best of Houzz award each year, so it truly is an amazing honor. The Best Of Houzz badge is awarded annually, in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design honors are based on several factors, including posting high quality project photos that get a high number of saves to Houzz ideabooks, as well as high user engagement on our profile. Keep reading to see how we are able to offer design and color consultations to our customers and what our top 3 best home design tips are of 2020!

Our team loves to document a project from the beginning to the end with photos because then you can see the customers vision come to life. We also strive to help our customers with their design and color schemes for their home by having the option to meet with an experienced design and color consultant. The color consultation proves very helpful in all types of scenarios from open concept homes to deciding colors for the exterior of an 1800’s Victorian. Our main goal is to inspire others to get creative with their home improvement projects and think outside the box!


Our 3 top home design and color tips:

  • If all else fails, choose a neutral color

    • One can rarely ever go wrong when choosing a neutral toned paint for their home exterior or interior. Neutral tones can range anywhere from white, beige, green, blue and grey. The key to making the color work for your space is to pay attention to the undertones in the colors. For example, a grey color can have a “cool” or a “warm” undertone which will impact the way that you see the color. A cool grey will look more blue or violet and a warm grey will look more brown or beige.
  • Pops of color

  • Use the Golden Ratio

    • You might be thinking, What is this? I’m here to tell you the secret of all the professional designers, which is called the Golden Ratio.The Golden Ratio is a mathematical sequence that has been found to occur over and over again in nature. This ratio – 1:1.61, to be exact –  has been found to account for everything from the proportions of the human body, to the formation of musical sequences, and architectural formulas dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.  Though it has diverse applications, most people believe that the use of this ratio makes things appear more aesthetically pleasing to others. The majority of interior designers are taught to use it in their designs and you should too. For furniture placement, keep a ratio of 2:3 in mind (if you don’t feel like taking out your tape measure). This will keep the space evenly balanced and not too crowded. When choosing paint colors, keep in mind the ratio of choosing a main color for 60% of the space, a secondary color for 30% and a bold accent color for 10%.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, please contact our office at 317-824-9322 or book a free estimate here!