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The Perfect Paint Colors for your Mid-Century Modern Style Home

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What is Mid-Century Modern Style?

Mid-Century Modern design is inspired by the most popular styles from the mid-20th century. Designers have trouble agreeing on the exact timeline, but it is most commonly said to be 1933-1965. This style ties all the way back to the Industrial Revolution when new building materials like steel, glass, and concrete were being developed and optimized. Architects began dreaming up new “modern” designs that strayed from the Victorian and Edwardian styles that had persisted for so many years before. This movement was only accelerated after WWII. The influx of people moving to suburbs created a high demand for homes, that could be built quickly, in this new modern style.

Nowadays, a modern twist on this classic mid-century style is everywhere you turn! Most commonly, people are taking mid-century inspired items and incorporating them with modern design elements to bring mid-century into the 21st century!


The Basics of Mid-Century Modern:

  • A combination of natural and manufactured materials
  • Sleek, curved lines
  • Geometric patterns and shapes
  • Furniture with legs
  • Functionality and simplicity


Paint Colors for your Mid-Century Modern Style Home

Black and White

mid-century modern style

The mid-century modern style can lend itself to a large array of color palettes. However, black and white is an extremely common combination in these designs. It emphasizes the bold geometric patterns that are typically used in this style and stays consistent with the idea of simplicity. Choosing to keep the colors simple in your design gives you more room to play with pattern and texture when decorating the space. With these colors being so simple, you can put them anywhere in your home and trust that they will look great!

Our Recommendation: SW7042 Shoji White and SW6258 Tricorn Black

Our owner, Chris Elliott, and his wife Emilie, Vice President, used Shoji white in their own mid-century modern home, and it fit the style perfectly!


Mustard Yellow

paint colors

If you’re interested in going bold with color, Mustard yellow is a very mid-century choice. This color can be found all over MCM designs in furniture, wallpaper, paint, and decor. It adds a fun and exciting pop to any room, and pairs well with a lot of classic mid-century materials such as dark wood and brown leather. While painting a whole room mustard yellow is an extremely daring choice, it works in this style! With walls this bright, try sticking to mostly neutrals for the other design elements. This will keep it interesting and true to the style, without becoming busy and overwhelming. Consider this color for a dining room, living room, or accent wall in a home office!

Our Recommendation: Benjamin Moore 294 Golden Bounty


Deep Teal

mid-century modern

We understand bright yellow isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So what do you do if you still want color, but don’t want something so drastic? We suggest a nice deep teal. It is very common in Mid-Century Modern designs and, while still being interesting, definitely gives off a more serene and cool vibe. This color would be a wonderful choice for a mid-century bedroom or bathroom. It also makes a beautiful kitchen cabinet color!

Our Recommendation: Valspar 5011-8 Classic Teal


Cool-Toned Gray

paint colors

Another awesome neutral paint color for the mid-century modern style is a cool-toned gray. Much like black and white, using this color on the walls creates a blank canvas for your other design elements to steal the spotlight. We suggest a cool-toned gray because it beautifully contrasts the other warm tones that are typically used in mid-century designs. This color could be used in any area of the home, including the exterior!

Our Recommendation: Benjamin Moore 212 Pewter



There are many other color options for the Mid-Century Modern style, these are just a few of our personal favorites! One of the best things about this style is the freedom you have with it. If your favorite color is pink, we guarantee you can find a way to incorporate it into your mid-century modern design. Just stick to the key elements of the style and remember that juxtaposition of materials is everything when it comes to designing a mid-century space!


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