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The Perfect Paint Colors for your Modern Farmhouse Style Home

What is Modern Farmhouse Style?

Modern farmhouse combines rustic, cozy, and contemporary elements. It is based on traditional farmhouse decor, but with a chic twist. It can be easy for this style to go overboard and look a little corny. To avoid this, keep cleanliness and practicality at the focus when choosing furniture and decor. The colors are usually kept soft and neutral, letting vintage touches warm up the space. The decor is usually mismatched and looks as if you’ve gradually bought it over time, rather than buying everything from the same store. For example, instead of buying a dining room set, purchase a modern table you like and add some upholstered vintage chairs.


The Basics of Modern Farmhouse

  • Clean Design
  • Practical Elements
  • Combination of Vintage and Modern Decor
  • Inclusion of Reclaimed Wood
  • Neutral Color Scheme


Paint Colors for your Modern Farmhouse Style Home



Modern Farmhouse

Since this style centers around cleanliness, white is often the base color for modern farmhouse homes. The ideal “white” for this style is something that is actually slightly off-white. You don’t want it to go all the way into cream territory, but stark whites can look too sterile and bright. The whole goal is to bring a modern edge to a rustic and warm design, so choosing an off-white can help achieve that.

Our Recommendation: Sherwin-Williams 7005 Pure White


Neutral Gray

Gray is also often used as a base paint color for modern farmhouse designs. It is simple and neutral, which ensures that your decor will be able to take center stage. It is best to choose a light gray color if you’re considering painting a large area. Deep-colored woods are often used as accent pieces in modern farmhouse design, so keeping the main paint color light will prevent the space from looking too dark or heavy.

Our Recommendation: PPG o996-2 Steely Gaze


Pastel Blue

Modern farmhouse

If you are going to include color in your design, pastel blue is a classic choice. It provides a nice pop of interest into the space. This is most commonly used as an accent color. Great places to consider adding pastel blue are kitchen cabinets, an entryway, or a bathroom. Try to find a blue with a hint of gray in it. This will make sure that, even though it is a pop of color, it is still cohesive with the rest of your color scheme.

Our Recommendation: Sherwin-Williams 6519 Hinting Blue


Light Beige

Modern Farmhouse color schemes often lean very cool-toned. An easy way to add some warmth is to incorporate beige into your design. This color will complement the wooden elements in your space, and help them combine nicely with the other cool-toned colors. Similar to the neutral gray, stay away from dark browns or tans if you are painting a large area. Light beige will instantly give your space a cozy and soft feeling which will provide the perfect amount of contrast with the cleanliness of your design.

Our Recommendation: Benjamin Moore OC-12 Muslin


Soft Navy

One of our favorite accent colors for the modern farmhouse style is a soft navy. Since this color is so dark and different from the rest of your neutral color scheme, it is best to use it sparingly. Think of soft navy for your fireplace, bedroom accent wall, kitchen island, or front door. Use navy to highlight the areas of your home that you’d like to showcase. Your guests’ eyes will be drawn to these places first, and then take in the room around them. Find a soft, muted navy for this style, as bright navy colors can come off as nautical.

Our Recommendation: Sherwin-Williams 7602 Indigo Batik



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