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Commercial Paint Is A Great Investment! Learn Our #1 Secret!

There are important items to include in the yearly budget for your company. You think about marketing, payroll, purchasing materials and covering expenses. However, you might not have planned for commercial painting, and that could be a major mistake.

Many businesses struggle to maintain the proper conditions of their warehouses or industrial properties. Industrial property tends to deal with harsher conditions than a home does. With more wear and tear, exposure to more heat or chemicals, and strong weather conditions, your property can face issues like rust, water damage, mold, etc. Thankfully there is one preventive measure that you can take: regular commercial paint jobs.

Not only does a fresh coat of paint keep your property looking clean and fresh, but it also adds a layer of protection for your building. Fresh coats of paint are needed regularly due to conditions like extreme temperatures, high humidity, chemicals, and more. You’ll know it’s time to add a new coat of paint when your paint begins to crack, peel, or fade. Without a strong coat of paint, your walls are susceptible to deterioration.

So what’s the first step of updating the paint on your property? The first thing you will want to do is look for damage that will need to be repaired before paint is applied. Water stains can be a sign of water damage. That doesn’t sound so bad until you realize that the moisture buildup in your walls can lead to mold and fungal development. Not only does that cause destruction to the property, but it can cause health issues in your employees who are exposed too long.

Another sign of damage to look for is rust. Metal siding on your building can slowly break down if rust infects it. Corrosion can be difficult to reverse if not treated immediately. It must be restored by a professional painting contractor before a new coating of paint is applied.

After treating these various damages to your property, the next step is choosing a color scheme. Industrial properties can be vibrant and full of color, or they can be toned down and neutral. It is all about the message you are trying to send to investors, clients, and consumers. This is where branding comes in.

Your branding as a business directly impacts the impression your business can make on potential customers. The color scheme and brand of your business is what will make the general population recognize you and your advertisements. Take Mc Donald’s for example. The bright yellow and red coloring as well as the Golden Arches are recognized around the world.

Because of the impact of your branding, why not include it for the interior of your warehouses and industrial buildings? If the colors are a little brighter than you’d like for the interior, then settle on one bright color and make the rest of the colors neutral to stay on brand without it feeling chaotic.

The paint you select must be able to withstand harsh conditions like chemicals, extreme heat, etc. You must invest in high-quality paint, or you’ll find yourself repainting more frequently and spending much more money than necessary in the long run. A strong coat of paint creates a safe layer of protection that shields your walls against corrosion and damage.

When selecting color schemes, you can include a little psychology in the process. Studies have shown that certain colors can evoke emotion. With employees working in your building, you’ll want to create an environment that promotes positivity and a strong ethic.

Red: red is a vibrant color that increases the heart rate, stimulates the brain, and encourages energy. It can be overwhelming on all four walls, but on one accent wall, it can give that pop of color that energizes the room. Try Sherwin Williams “Positive Red SW6871” for an exciting shade of red that’s not too bright.

Blue: blue tends to promote a calm energy with an encouraging sense of relief and efficiency. Certain shades can be considered neutral and be paired with other colors. Lighter blues can give off a peaceful and welcoming environment while Navy is an established neutral that has a classic and professional look.

Green: Green tends to be very tranquil and stress-free. Associated with nature, it is a great color for your brand if your business is centered around the environment. For a strong shade of green, we suggest trying Sherwin Williams “Garden Grove SW6445” for a strong and bold shade of green.

With the benefits of a clean and sophisticated look, as well as an extra layer of protection on your walls, regularly repainting your walls is definitely a worthy investment.

Here at ONiT Painting, we can help you select your perfect shade to match your brand as well as professionally paint your walls. This gives you a longer-lasting and high-quality paint job that will reflect positively on your business. Call today to learn more about commercial painting or to schedule your next paint job.

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