Project Overview

Brian of Carmel, IN was a previous customer of ONiT Painting. He and his wife, Lorie,  completed interior painting in several rooms last year, and recently decided that it was time to finish the house! They chose to paint the rest of their main living areas and kitchen cabinets.

Our Residential Sales Representative, Zach Whittaker, conducted their free estimate. During this, he was able to provide Brian and Lorie with a clear scope of work and price for both the interior painting and kitchen cabinet painting. Brian also mentioned that they’d been having trouble finalizing their colors for the project, so Zach set an appointment for them with our expert color consultant, Emilie Elliott.

Emilie is a Sherwin-Williams Certified Color Consultant and offers hour-long appointments to our customers for a small additional charge. During this appointment, she lets the customers look through a color deck full of a wide array of Sherwin-Williams colors. From there, she’ll discuss and take into consideration the style of the home, color palette within the furniture and decor, and amount/type of lighting in each room. With all of this in mind, she will give her professional recommendation on which colors would best suit your home and style.

With help from Emilie, they ended up choosing SW7019 Gauntlet Gray and SW7015 Repose Gray for the interior painting, and SW7004 for the kitchen cabinets. Their style is very modern and monochromatic, so this combination of grays and white really fits their home perfectly. Repose Gray is an extremely light, cool-toned gray color. They used this as the overall wall color. Gauntlet Gray, however, is much darker and striking. They used this as an accent color in the “dining room”. Their Carmel, IN home, like their style, is extremely contemporary and open concept, but they wanted to find a way to separate the dining area a bit, and adding this accent of dark gray really did the trick!

interior painting carmel indiana

Once the colors were selected, it was time to get painting!


ONiT’s Interior Painting Process:

  • Set Up and Protect
    • We moved and protected the furniture, covered and protected the flooring, and taped/masked as needed.
  • Surface Prep
    • Our goal is to get every surface clean, dry, and dull in preparation for painting. For Brian and Lorie’s project, this also involved priming most of the walls. They had walls that were previously painted a dark red color, and priming is absolutely necessary whenever there is a drastic color change like this. Check out our blog on Paint Primer for more information!
  • Paint Application
    • We applied 2 finish coats of a high-quality interior paint, ensuring full coverage of all previously painted surfaces.
  • Clean Up
    • We cleaned up daily and upon completion–leaving the home and property as we found it, except for the beautiful paint job.
  • Final Inspection
    • Our Project Manager, Melvin Portillo, completed a final inspection of the interior painting to ensure that the scope of work was completed and our quality standards were met.


ONiT’s Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process:

  •  Set up and Protect
    • We covered and protect flooring, countertops, and appliances before we began.
  • Clean
    • We cleaned the cabinets with a de-greaser or denatured alcohol to remove dirt and oils.
  • Remove Cabinet Doors and Faces of Drawers
    • We removed doors and drawer faces.
  • Scuff and Sand
    • We lightly sanded and scuffed the cabinets to abrade the surface. This creates tiny hills and valleys in the lacquer to make a sound surface for the prime coat to adhere to.
  • Vac and Tact
    • We used a combination of a shop vac and microfiber cloth to remove dust and microparticles, leaving a clean and dull surface for the prime coat.
  • Prime Coat
    • We applied 1 full prime coat of a quality primer to bond tightly to the cabinet surface.
  • Finish Coat
    • We applied 2 finish coats of a satin urethane-based paint, leaving a beautiful and uniform finish.
  • Reinstall Doors and Drawers
    • Once the finish coat dried, we reinstalled the doors and faces of drawers with previous hardware.
  • Clean Up & Inspection
    • We completed a final clean-up and quality inspection of the finished product.


Final Product

In the end, the home looks beautiful and completely new! The colors look amazing, and it now fits Brian and Lorie’s contemporary style perfectly. ONiT Painting is very pleased to have completed another successful interior painting and kitchen cabinet project, and give our customer’s home new life!


Project Photos

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