Lynne of Greenwood, IN

Lynne was looking to update the entryway of her Greenwood, IN home with some interior painting, so she called ONiT Painting for a free estimate! Lynne had used ONiT’s services before, so choosing us for this new project was a no-brainer. She previously had her living room and other sections of her lower-level painted, which turned out beautifully! However, she thought it was about time that her foyer matched the updated look of the rest of her home.

Here at ONiT, we love completing projects for previous customers. We have the advantage of already knowing their taste and preferences when it comes to painting. We also just enjoy seeing familiar faces, and getting to be a part of transforming your home! Also, it takes stress off of the customer to know that they can trust us to do a wonderful job.

During her free painting estimate with our Sales Representative, Jake Walls, Lynne explained that she would like the color on the walls updated, but to keep the stained wood trim as is. Lynne was on the fence about painting the ceilings, so Jake added it as an “optional item” in her estimate. This means that she would be able to see what the price is with and without the addition of the ceilings. Jake was able to send her an estimate the very next day and she ended up choosing to add on the ceiling option. We got her project scheduled and started all within one week of her initial estimate!

The walls in Lynne’s Foyer had a stippling effect which made this Greenwood home look more dated than it was (see picture below). She wanted to change this to a completely smooth finish, and update the color to a deeper, more modern color. She ended up choosing SW 7037 Balanced Beige. This is what we like to call a “Greige” color, which means it is gray with a very warm brown undertone. It is extremely popular because it gives you the modern look of gray, without being too cold or stark. Additionally, the warmth of a “greige” compliments her stained wood trim extremely well.

Greenwood, IN

Before – ONiT Painting

Our Project Manager, Melvin Portillo, went to Greenwood to conduct the initial walk-through, and from there we continued with our tried and true interior painting process.


ONiT’s Interior Painting Process

  • Set Up and Protect
    • We will move and protect your furniture, cover and protect your flooring, tape, and mask as needed.
  • Surface Prep
    • Our goal is to get every surface clean, dry, and dull in preparation for painting. We will repair small cracks, dings, and dents in drywall and caulk gaps & seams in woodwork. Glossy surfaces will be scuff sanded and primed prior to painting.
  • Paint Application
    • We will apply 1 – 2 finish coats based on the goals of your project. With color changes, we recommend 2 finish coats to achieve a uniform finish.
  • Clean Up
    • We will clean up daily and upon completion–leaving your home and property as we found it, except for the beautiful paint job.
  • Final Inspection
    • Our crew leader or Project Manager will complete a final inspection to ensure that the scope of work has been completed and our quality standards have been met.
Interior Painting Process

In-Progress – ONiT Painting


Interior Painting gave this Greenwood, IN Foyer a Beautiful New Look!

In the end, Lynne’s foyer looked absolutely beautiful! The color she chose perfectly complimented her trim and getting rid of that stipple effect made it look much more modern. The whole project was complete in just one day, and Lynne really appreciated our efficiency and attention to detail! We were extremely happy to work with Lynne again, and to give her foyer the update it was needing!

Interior Painting Greenwood

After – ONiT Painting

After – ONiT Painting


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