How long does it take to paint a house

Your house is ready for a new coat of paint. You know because the paint on your house’s exterior has started to peel. It’s also now discolored and is no longer giving its original curbside appeal. You are likely asking yourself or peers “how long does it take to paint a house?”  

You also may be wondering if you should do the job yourself. First consider that there’s a lot of surface area to cover, no matter the house’s size. Also what if there is even more work behind what you see on the surface? Doing it yourself may take a lot longer than you or anyone in your neighborhood is comfortable with. Using a trusted, professional painting company, you are assured of proper preparation, lasting repairs and quality. So let’s break it down and get a better idea how long it takes a professional painting company to paint a house.


Step One: Powerwashing

This first step is one of the most important ones. Professional painters know the last thing you want to do is paint over grime and blemishes. Pollen, dirt, plant residue, mildew and just about anything else from the great outdoors cling to the exterior of your home. Painting over any of these things will inhibit the paint from sticking to the surface. 

Some home exteriors may also have bubbles in the previous layer of paint caused by heat and humidity. These bubbles are a separation of paint from its surface that eventually causes peeling, and painting over them will make the new paint peel sooner. Painting over these blemishes will make the problem worse, leading to a messy paint job and even more bubbles. The solution is to powerwash the home’s exterior and ensure that the surface is clean and smooth.

Time Estimate: Power washing tends to take professionals a few hours. It will take more time for the house to dry afterward, though. The exact amount of time will depend on the climate and the materials that make up the house’s exterior.


Step Two: Exterior Repairs

Just as you wouldn’t want to paint over paint bubbles or pollen, you don’t want to paint over deteriorated wood. Checking for and fixing these deeper issues can make the process last longer, but it is important that you never paint over damaged surfaces. The issue will only grow worse, and when you have to fix it later, you’ll likely have to repaint the whole house again to make sure the color matches. For professionals, this is often an easy fix that will benefit you years into the future.

Time Estimate: This is where the answer to the question, “How long does it take to paint a house?” will vary the most. Repairing rotten wood or damaged siding can take another day or two. Still, some homes don’t have this issue, so the extra time may not be included.


Step Three: Priming

Before the painters can begin painting, they must prime the surface. This means covering parts of the home that shouldn’t be painted and stripping away old paint that didn’t come off with the power washing. The process guarantees that the result of the job is clean and seamless. Professionals work with precision to protect areas that shouldn’t be painted. They must be attentive to every detail, and for this reason, they cannot be rushed. 

Time estimate: This normally takes a day.


Step Four: Painting

Professional painters take their time to ensure they do their job well. Every day, you will see the exterior of your home multiple times, and other people will see it, too. A painter must work to make the paint job as clean and crisp as possible, noting every detail. After applying the paint, they must also remove any tape or other coverings used during the process, and clean up the entire project area.

Time estimate: The time it takes to paint a house depends on the painters’ skill and attention to detail. It also depends on the surface area of the home. Most jobs average two to three days.


Other Factors:

  • Weather. Because paint adheres best to dry surfaces, rain and humidity may lengthen the time it takes to paint your exterior.
  • Details and trim. If your house has a lot of trim or special structures, it may take longer to paint.
  • House size. All said, a basic estimate is one to two days for a 1,500 square foot house, two to three full days for a 2,500 square foot house, and three to four days for a 4,000 square foot house. 

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